Sid The Fish

Sid-the-fish-4-aFinished size: 10cm (4 inches) long


  • Yellow Felt – 12.5 x 11.5cm (5 x 4.5 inches) per fishcut-out-fish-1
  • Matching embroidery thread
  • Small amount of toy filling per fish

Decorating Sid …

  • Mouth: … Red embroidery thread
  • Eyes: … Black embroidery thread and 2 sequins
  • Gills and scales: …  Anchor embroidery thread # 1335 or colour of choice

Tools: Scissors – Needle – Pins – Disappearing/water soluble fabric pen or dressmaker’s chalk/pencil – Awl (optional)


  • Pattern: Download the  Sid-The-Fish-Pattern template, print and cut out.  Using an awl or pin, poke small holes in the eye, along the mouth and along the gill.
  • Pin the pattern template to the felt and cut out 2 fish.Cut out 2 patterns from felt
  • Using a fabric marking pen/chalk, mark the place for the eye, mouth and gill.
  • Eyes:  Thread a needle with 3 strands of black embroidery thread, knot the end. Bring cut-out-fish-6the needle from the back of the fish to the front where the eye is marked, pull the thread all the way through to the knot.  Thread a sequin on the needle and slide it down to the end until it is laying flat on the felt.  Secure with a French knot. Repeat for the other side.Sequin eye
  • Mouth: Using two strands of red embroidery thread and starting at the end, stitch one ‘Fly stitch’ … Bring needle from the back to the front of the felt next to where you have marked the mouth and about 3 to 4mm down.  Take the needle down opposite your first stitch and back up at the beginning of the mouth. Fly stitch 1
  • Draw the thread all the way through, then take the needle back down very close to your last stitch, but on the other side of the thread.Fly stitch 2
  • To finish your stitch, pull the thread all the way through.Fly stitch 3
  • Finish the mouth using back stitch to the edge of the felt where marked.
  • Gills:  Using 2 strands of the Anchor #1335 embroidery thread (or the colour of your choice), embroider the gill using chain stitch.  Repeat for the other side.Use chain stitch for the gills
  • Scales:   Using 2 strands of the Anchor 1335 embroidery thread or colour of your cut-out-fish-3choice, stitch scales using Fly stitch, 3 in the first row, 2 in the second row and one in the last row.  This is the same stitch you used to create the curve of the mouth but the distance between the first two stitches and stitch three is bigger.
  • Repeat for the other side.
  • Joining the 2 halves:  Join the two halves together using  blanket stitch.  When you are about 2.5cm (1 inch) from where you started, fill your fish with some toy filling and finish stitching him closed.

Yay!  Now you have your very own ‘Sid’.  

Why not make him some friends in different colours.  Try using different things for the scales like sequin or buttons. 



Resources:  Here are some video tutorials for the different stitches used to decorate Sid from my favourite embroider Mary Corbet.




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