Cookie Cutter Softies – Gingerbread Man

Cookie Cutter Softie

There are lots of great soft toy patterns available today.  Some are free and some are expensive.  Some are simple and easy and some are complex. But you don’t need the latest and greatest pattern or tools to make your own unique toy and have loads of fun.  Either by yourself, with friends or with your kids or grandchildren.

For this tutorial I will show you how I use my gingerbread man cookie cutter to make this little felt gingerbread man.

At the end I will have some pictures of other softies I made using different cookie cutters and a link to a blog post for some extra ideas 🙂

What you will need to make this gingerbread man …

  • Scraps of wool or wool blend felt in Cream or light brown (body), red (top) and purple (pants). 
  • Embroidery thread to match the felt.
  • Gingerbread cookie cutter – or download a free template sheet here.
  • Graphite pencil.
  • 1 set of safety eyes – 6mm [1/4 inch]
  • Pins
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Sharp/fabric scissors + paper scissors
  • Small amount of toy filling


Cookie cutter softies - printing

If you are using the free cookie cutter template – download it here – make sure you have your printer set to ‘Actual Size’.

If you are making the gingerbread man, lady or the cupcake,  print 2 copies. 1 copy for the main body and 1 copy for the coloured parts.

cookie cutter softie - cutting out

Cut out …

  • 2 bodies
  • 2 tops
  • 2 pants

Cookie cutter softies - tracing templates tip

Tracing Tip …

Felt can be hard to draw on, I draw little dots with a mechanical pencil  around the template. 

I find it easier to trace and cut 1 piece at a time — otherwise all those little spots can become a bit confusing 😉



cookie cutter softie - faceThe face …

If you are using *safety eyes: with a pin, make small holes in the felt where the eyes will go by poking it through the felt and gently wiggling it about.  Insert the safety eye and press the backing plate on firmly.  Tip: trim the post on the back of the eyes after the you have pressed on the backing plate – but not too short. 

You can also use *beads, *sequins or embroidery thread for the eyes.  See some of the examples at the end.

* Safety eyes, beads and sequin are not recommended for children under 4 years of age as they can pose a choking hazard 🙂

cookie cutter softies - sewing on his clothes


Sewing on his clothes …

Pin the gingerbread man’s shirt on the body.  Use a running stitch to stitch around the neck, across the arms and across the bottom. — Repeat for the back.

Pin his pants in place.  Stitch across the top and the bottom of the legs.

The other seams get stitched when you join the 2 halves.


Cookie cutter softies - adding details

Adding details …

Before you join the 2 halves together you can add some details to your gingerbread man like pockets.

Simply stitch in the details using some simple embroidery stitches like running stitch or chain stitch.  You can also add beads, sequins, little flowers and buttons, or any other decoration you would like 🙂

Cookie cutter softie - joining

Joining …

Using matching embroidery thread and blanket stitch, start joining the front and back body pieces together starting on the left side of the head.

Tip:  You can use the same colour to stitch all the way around, or you change the colours of your thread to match each section.

Instead of cutting the thread each time,  run it along the wrong side so it’s ready to use when you get to that part.

Tip:  When changing to a new thread, run the new thread back through the end of the last blanket stitch so when you start stitching again the stitch will continue on smoothly. 










Cookie cutter softie - stuffing



Stuffing …

When you have a shape with small parts it’s much easier to stuff as you go .  After you have finished stitching around the head, push a little fiber fill into the head.

Repeat this for each section – arm, legs – when you get to the beginning of the last arm, fill the body, stitch around the underside of the last arm and the hand.  Before you stitch the last section of the arm, poke a little filling into the arm.  Then finish stitching and tie off your thread.

Cookie cutter softies - Finished

Once you have your softie all stitched up and finished, add a few more details such as hair or a necklace 🙂

Some more ideas for cookie cutter softies …

Cookie Cutter Collage

For more tips and ideas, check out my

‘Sew-a-Softie’ day post.

I would love to see your cookie cutter softies 🙂

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