Bowling Pin & Ball Sewing e-Pattern




Have you ever dreamed of turning you hallway into your very own bowling alley?

Well — now you can with my new Bowling Pin & Ball sewing e-pattern.

This pin and ball set is made using just 3  templates, and is a quick and simple project to make up.

This pattern can be bought from: —

The requirements as listed on the pattern for one pin and one ball …


Pin – 2 colour combination

  • Colour 1 (2 ‘pin’ pieces + 1 base) — 30cm x 35cm wide (11.8 x 13.8 inches) [with or without nap]
  • Colour 2 (2 ‘pin’ pieces) 30cm x 30cm wide (11.8 x 11.8 inches) [with or without nap]

Ball –  2 colour combination: (3 ‘ball’ pieces per colour) — 17.5cm x 22.5cm wide (7 x9 inches)[with or without nap]


  • 6 colour combination:(1 ‘ball’ pieces per colour) — 17cm x 7.5cm (6.7 x 2.95 inches) [with or without nap]

Toy filling: approximately 150g (100g – pin + 50g – ball)

Rice (uncooked) or plastic pellets: ⅓  cup – pin + ¼  cup – ball.

Tools and notions:

  • Stockings for the rice/pellets (only needed if you are going to add weights to your pin and ball).
  • Polyester machine thread to match your fabrics.
  • Strong polyester thread for closing i.e. Gutermann M782 or equivalent.
  • Lightweight cardboard.
  • Fabric scissors + paper scissors.
  • Pins
  • Sewing needle
  • Printer and paper
  • Tracing paper or freezer paper (optional)
  • Fabric marking pen or chalk
  • Glue stick (optional)
  • Turning and stuffing tool, i.e. hemostats or a chop-stick

But wait — there’s more.Bowl

The above description is for just 1 pin and 1 ball in 2 colours.

Why not make make more pins in lots of different colours? — Here are some additional combinations for you to play with …


For the set pictured — six pins and one ball … I bought six fat quarters, and used approximately half or less from each.

  • Each pin is made with 2 different colours.  (for each colour combination there are two pins)
  • For the ball I cut one piece from each of the six fabrics.


  • Total needed for six pins and and one ball
    • 72cm x 112cm wide [without nap]
    • 93cm x 112cm wide [with nap]

Pin only

  • Total needed per pinone colour31cm x 55cm wide [with or without nap]
  • Total needed per pin per colour two colour combination 31cm x 32.5cm wide [with or without nap]

Ball onlyBowl

  • Total needed – one colour
    • 31cm x 20cm wide [with or without nap]
  • Total needed per colour 2 colour combination
    • 15.5cm x 20cm wide [with or without nap]
  • Total needed per colour3 colour combination
    • 15.5cm x 13cm wide

Polyester toy filling:

  • Per pin – approximately 100g
  • Ball – approximately 40g
  • Per set – approximately 650g

Rice or plastic pellets for added weight for the pins and ball (optional)

  • Per pin – ⅓ cup
  • Ball – ¼ cup
  • Per set – 2 ¼ cups



BallsEach pin is made from 4 ‘pin’ pattern pieces plus one base. For a set of 6 pins you will need to cut …

  • one colour – cut 24 plus six bases


  • two colours – cut 12 ‘pin’ pieces for each colour plus six bases


  • six colour combination (as pictured in the sample): [2 colours per pin (2 pins per colour combination)] cut 4 ‘pin’ pieces from each colour plus six bases.


BallsThe ball is made up of 6 ‘ball’ pattern pieces. For one ball you will need to cut …

  • one colour – cut 6


  • two colours – cut 3 ‘ball’ pieces per colour


  • three colours – cut 2 ‘ball’ pieces per colour


  • six colours – cut 1 ‘ball’ piece per colour


Bonus material.

The pattern also comes with a set of numbers, reversed, for you to create appliquéd numbers for your pins.


This pattern can be bought from: —

You will need Adobe Reader to read and print this file.  You can get a free version at

Happy sewing …


If you have any questions about this pattern please email me at



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