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NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tools_Pinking-ShearsPinking Shears.

Pinking Shears are fabric scissor with a zig-zag cutting blade.

The zig-zag pattern greatly reduces fraying along the raw edge of fabric, for example, a seam allowance that has been cut using pinking shears, does not need to be finished with any other technique such as overlocking/serging.

NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tools_Fabric-ScissorsFabric/Dressmakers Scissors.

Fabric scissor have a sharp straight cutting blade suited to cutting fabric easily.  Fabric scissors should never be used to cut paper as it will dull the blades.

NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tools_Paper-ScissorsPaper Scissors.

It is a good idea to have a pair a general craft scissor on hand for cutting out your patterns and other non fabric cutting projects.


Snips a small cutting blades that comfortably fit in the palm of your hand and are used to small cutting jobs such as snipping of loose threads.


NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tools_Embroidery-ScissorsEmbroidery scissors.

Embroidery scissors are small, fine pointed scissors designed for cutting embroidery threads.



NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tools_Seam-Allowance-GuideSeam Allowance Guide ~ 6mm.

 If your pattern doesn’t have any seam allowance, you can use this small brass disc is used to draw a 6mm seam allowance to a pattern.  It is simple to use, just place a sharp pencil or pen into the hole in the centre, then carefully trace around the outer cutting line of the pattern.  It’s much quicker than measuring and more accurate than eyeballing it.

 NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tool-Seam-Ripper[Quick-Un-pick]  Seam Ripper.

A seam ripper, also know as a quick-unpick, is used to unpick machine or hand stitching quickly without cutting the fabric,


NittensAndPatches_GlossaryTools_Sewing-Gauge Sewing and Knitting Gauge.

These handy little tools is great to have in your sewing or knitting kit for when you need to quickly measure your work.


NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tools_Tape-Measures  Tape Measure.

No sewing room would be complete without at least one tapemeasure.  The ribbon style tape measure is 152cm [60 inches] long is the most common style, but there are many on cute novelty tape measures on the market.  These ones can be great additions to a portable sewing kit as they are small and compact and the tape is neatly tucked up inside a casing.  It is a good idea to replace your tape periodically as they can stretch over time.

NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tools_Tracing-WheelTracing Wheel.

Tracing wheels are used to trace out a design.  They can be used to trace a design printed on paper, such an embroidery design.  The wheel leaves small holes in the paper which powdered chalk can penetrate, leaving the design on the fabric.  They can also be used to transfer a design onto fabric using a special carbon paper design for uses on fabric.   They can also be used to temporarily outline a design directly on certain fabrics.

  NittensAndPatches_GlossaryTools_Thread-Conditioner-wax Thread Conditioner.

The beeswax coating provides added strength, resistance to static cling, and helps allow the thread to slip through the fabric and prevent tangling.  In addition, you can wrap your beeswax-ed thread in a scrap of fabric (preferably muslin), a paper towel, or just plain paper and then iron the thread. This ironing process will melt the beeswax onto the thread for additional strengthening. You should do two to three times to properly coat the thread with wax.  One negative to beeswax is that it can stain your fabric, so you should always test before using.



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