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Pin are use to hold two or more pieces of fabric together for sewing.

They come in a variety of lengths and different heads.

If a pin becomes bent, blunt or develops a bur, it should be discarded safely ~ have a small container such as a tic tac container handy to dispose of unwanted damaged pins.

Pin NittensAndPatches_Glossery-Tools_Pin-CushionCushion.

A pretty place to store your pins when your not using them 🙂

NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tool-Point-TurnerPoint Turner.

A point turner is used to help you turn things right side out without damaging your fabric, in particular, sharp points and corners.

NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tools_Right-Angle_RulerRight Angle Ruler.

A right Angle Ruler has 2 straight side that meet to create a 90* corner.  This is very useful for drafting patterns and designs where you need a 90* angle.  This particular one is part of a set of three, it is 22cm on the longest side and 16cm on the shortest side.  The other two are larger. This set also have a curved line in the inside … just in case all the French curves I have don’t have just the right curve 🙂  This particular set I bought through the TAFE collage where I was studying Textiles and Design.

NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tools_Rotary-Cutter  Rotary Cutter.

 A rotary cutter a cutting tool with a retractable circular cutting blade.  The one pictured is a small blade, which is good for cutting curves and reasonably tight corners, however, very tight curves are best cut by hand with sharp fabric scissors.  Using a rotary cutter can  be quite a bit quicker once you have mastered using one.



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