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A small pointed tool used for piercing holes.  Good for punching hole in your pattern pieces so it’s easy to mark the location of thing like darts on your fabric.  An awl is also handy for creating a hole in your fabric, without breaking the threads in the weave/knit, to insert safety eyes doll/teddy joints.


The humble chopstick make a great  tool for turning out toy parts, especially narrow pieces like arms and legs.  It can also be used as a stuffing tool for smaller parts.

NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tool-Craft-Knife-1 General Craft Knife.

A basic craft knife with snap blade for cutting things like foam core board.

NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tools_Craft-Knife-2Craft Knife

A fine [replaceable] blade craft knife for detailed/precision cut work.

NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tools_French-Curve  Dressmakers French Curve.

This French curve is a versital tool to have. It straight and curved edges, all with measurements for measuring shaped lines.  It is also a very handy tool to have when designing to help with creating smooth curves of various shapes and sizes.

NittensAndPatches_Glossary-Tools_French-Curves-[s-m][Artist] French Curves. 

The artist french curves are much smaller and more portable [they can fit in a large pencil case] than the French curve with a greater variety of shapes.  Also a very handy tool for designing, especially small projects such as soft toys.




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