Hello and welcome to my bio page. 🙂


Who am I:  I’m Mignon Prider, the author and creator of Mignon Prider Design, formally known as Nittens & Patches.  I have been sewing and crafting in general for as long as I can remember.  With the exception of sewing, for the most part I am self taught.  Sewing was my 1 and only major elective in high school; I also studied dressmaking at the Pt. Pirie *TAFE college from 1994 to 1996. [*Technical And Further Education]  


What is this blog about:  This blog is my home base – the hub for everything I make and design.  This is where I share news about my new plushie sewing patterns, the tips, hints and techniques I have learnt over the years and record my journey of learning how to design my own plushie patterns.

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Why do I do this:  There are 2 reasons why I started Mignon Prider Design.

  1.  In 2012, I found myself on unemployment for 12 months after my husband had bepom-poms-final put on a disability pension for his heart. Having been a stay at home mum with very little work history was proving to be an obstacle to employment.  One day, while I was tidying up, I came across a knitting booklet.  I quickly flicked through the pages and stopped on 1 with a pattern for a knitted bunny.  This thought immediately came to mind … “maybe I could knit teddies and sell them!” This was quickly followed with the voice of almost 30 years experience helping my husband with his many business “… don’t be silly – it wouldn’t be profitable enough.”  

A few days later, I received a newsletter with a story of a young man who, after falling on hard times after a series of unfortunate event, had rebuilt his life by knitting teddies and selling them.  

So there it was – it was possible.  I just had to find the ‘thing’ that would work for me.

Shortly after this I was blessed to be accepted to be a part of the *NEIS program that year [*New Enterprise Incentive Scheme].  This is a government scheme in Australia that helps people to start their own business.

NittensAndPatches_Sarah-Starfish_Pattern-cover-1aAlthough I knew from the beginning I wanted to design my own patterns, I had no knowledge of how to even begin.  So, while I searched for the information I need, I started off by using other designers patterns.  I was always excited and grateful to the designers I found back then who allowed customers to sell the items they made using their patterns.  So now, that is a major part of what I do.  In an effort to ‘pay-it-forward’, I also allow customers who purchase my patterns to sell the items they make.

  1. Several years ago I found myself in a major department store, looking for a birthday gift for my husband’s 2 year old niece.  I wanted to buy her something fun, colourful and cuddly, but EVERYTHING that wasn’t a hard plastic ‘baby’ toys was marked ‘not suitable for under 4’.  There was a huge gap in the market place.

With this in mind, I decided I wanted to design patterns to suit this age group.  To achieve this, I am always considering how different design elements will suit the under 5 age group.  For example,  all my design use stitched on felt eye rather than safety eyes which are not recommended for children under 3; although you could always use safety eyes instead of felt if you were sewing for an older age group.

My Patterns: So what do you get in one of my patterns?

  • *Clickable table of contents and both
  • **Quick Instruction for experienced sewists as well a Step-by-Step tutorials with lots of photos for novice and beginner sewists.
  • A list of materials and notions need for the project.
  • Full size pattern templates
  • Resource page with illustration of the basic embroidery stitches used as well as links for other useful resources on my blog to help you make the best looking toy in the neighbourhood.

All this comes in a tidy compressed PDF file which is available as an ***instant download from one of my 3 shops …

EtsyCraftsy — ***Made It

What comes in a pattern

*At the time of writing this, the table of content is not clickable.  These will eventually.

** The duel instructions is a new feature and not currently available on some of the older patterns.

*** Instant download is not available on, I email the file to you, usually within 24 hours.

If you pay via PayPal e-check, the file becomes available ‘after’ funds have cleared, usual 3-5 business days.

If you have any questions that I haven’t covered here, please leave them in the comments below 🙂



All contents of this blog including images, listing descriptions, graphics and information, are the property of ‘Mignon Prider Design’; and may not be used, borrowed or taken without my prior written consent.  My images may not be used in any logos or graphics for the purpose of promoting another business. You may pin the images to ‘PINTEREST’ or other similar social media but please link the image back to


ABN: 99 252 941 934


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  1. Love the new blog and bio! I think there’s a typo in…don’t be silly… it would be profitable enough … do you mean wouldn’t?


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