What Do You Get In My Sewing Patterns?

Buying over the internet, especially from someone you don’t know and have never bought from before can be a little unnerving.  Most sellers and platforms, including Etsy, have a ‘no refund on PDF’s’ policy.  Not being able to pick up and handle the product, you’re never really sure of what you are getting, until you have handed over your hard earned money.

So, to help put your mind at ease, I have put together this post to explain just what you get when you buy one of my PDF sewing patterns 🙂

Clickable table of contents:

All* my patterns come with a clickable Table of Contents to make jumping straight to the page you’re up to quick and easy. (* some of my older patterns don’t have the clickable table of content, but are gradually being up-dated)

My PDF’s are compatible with Adobe PDF Reader (I use this free version).  

Clickable table of contents
Sebastian Seahorse. Click on the image to see more information about Sebastian.

Full materials &  notions list:

List of materials and notions
Emma Fish. Click here to see more information about Emma.

Before getting started on any project, you need to know exactly what is needed to complete it.  My bullet point list of materials and notions includes both metric and imperial measurements.

Tips & trade secrets:

Every trade or hobby has little tips and trade secrets that help us achieve a better result or get the job done quicker.  In my patterns, these tips and trade secrets help grow your skills and general knowledge about fabrics, tools and techniques. 

tips and trade secrets
Sarah Starfish. Click here to see more information about Sarah.

Written instructions – 2 styles to choose from:

Not everyone is at the same sewing level – some of us have been sewing for ages, while others are just beginning.

Quick instructions:  The advanced sewist generally only needs a guide showing the flow of construction of the pattern with minimal details and maybe the odd illustration. 

quick instructions for advanced sewist
Sebastian Seahorse. Click here to see more information about Sebastian.

Step-by-step photo tutorial:  For the beginner sewist, I have included a step-by-step photo tutorial to help guide you through each step of the construction.

step-by-step tutorial
Fabric Balls – 4 sizes. For more information about this pattern, please click here.

Full size pattern templates:

Having to re-size templates is a real bother.  Unless you are very handy with tech stuff; and if you are like most of us you’re probable not as tech savvy as you would like to be; then it can put you off even trying a pattern if you have to resize the template – it has me. In fact, I have only recently discovered how to do resize things on my printer thanks to this post. 

All my patterns come with full size templates plus a test square to check that everything has printed to the correct size before you cut into you fabric.

Full size pattern tempetes
Sausage Dog. click here for more information about this pattern.

Links & helpful resources:

Lastly, at the end there are some helpful illustration and links to resources to help you with additional information that would make the file too big  if I tried to include them.

Resources and links
Sausage Cat. For more information about this pattern, please click here.

Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, one of the greatest advantages of the internet is the ability to shop [and sell] on a global scale.  Waiting for your new treasures to arrive in the post can be hard some times, but with PDF files, you can still get instant  satisfaction.  And because you only need to print just a few pages, you also get to feel good about helping to reduce waste and pollution.

Do you have any other questions about my patterns?

If there is anything else you would like to know about my pattern, leave them in the comments below. 

In the mean time, click here to download this free Egg pattern.  It’s a very simple and easy to make pattern, but it contains most of the features mentioned above and will give you a good idea of what my instructions are like.

Happy sewing …




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