Etsy Studio – Etsy’s New Platform Dedicated To Craft Supplies

Earlier this year,  Etsy introduced their latest initiative – ‘Etsy Studio’.  An online marketplace designed exclusively for craft supply sellers and buyers.

If you already have an account with Etsy, simply use the same sign in details to sign in to Etsy Studio.

More than just selling supplies …

For shoppers, Etsy Studio offers more than just a dedicated place to buy their craft supplies.  The Etsy team has put together DIY projects and tutorials to help inspire you.

Click on the ‘Project’ menu at the top [right], and scroll through the many already available projects.  At the end of the step-by-step photo tutorial you will find all the material and tools needed for the project with options gathered from different sellers on Etsy Studio who sell these materials and tools.  Just click on the ones you like to add to your cart.

Etsy Studio project

Finding things on Etsy Studio …

There is a couple of ways to find things on Etsy Studio.  The first is to use the menus at the top to search by craft type.  These include … ‘ ‘Home & Hobby’, ‘Jewelry & Beauty’, ‘Paper, Party & Kids’, Sculpting & Forming’, ‘Sewing & Fiber’ and ‘Visual Arts’.

I tested out this search method to look for sewing patterns, but unfortunately the results were quite mixed, and there weren’t very many sewing patterns in the list.  I tried looking up other things such as fabric, and got almost the same results.  Etsy Studio is still very new, so I’m guessing there is still some fine tuning to be done in some areas.

The other way to search is to simply type in the ‘search’ field.  I found this to be the easiest way to find things.

searching Etsy Studio

Etsy v’s Etsy Studio …

So, was it really necessary for Etsy to create a new market dedicated to craft supplies?

If you are looking for just craft supplies, and not vintage or finished items, then Etsy Studio will save you a lot of time trolling through unwanted search results. Checkout the comparison below.  The Etsy results brought up a big mix of things but only about 4 out of 20 shown here were craft related, were as in Etsy Studio 20 out of 20 were.

Etsy v's Etsy studio

As with any new platform, there are always new and exciting things to check out and learn.  One thing Etsy Studio offers is icon on listings to help you quickly identify certain aspects of the items you are looks at.  These icons don’t appear on every listing, just were they are relevant.  The icons identify things like … handmade [a hand], vintage [ a clock], organic [a plant],  recycled [recycle icon], location of seller [location icon] and for digital content, a cloud with a down arrow.

Etsy Studio listing + icon example

There are the usual features with each shop, such as customer reviews, policies and about page.  Although for sellers, there is no option for a shop banner, which some sellers are disappointed  with, although there is nothing extra needed for sellers to do, their Etsy Studio shop front is automatically generated and any corrections or changed made in Etsy are instantly updated in Etsy Studio.

So, if you haven’t check out Etsy Studio yet, I would encourage you to.  If you like shopping for craft supplies on Etsy, this is a great new addition for Etsy sellers and buyers.

Links to more information …

Happy sewing …





Mignon Prider Design - Etsy Studio



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