Craftumi – An Australian Online Marketplace For Craft Supplies.

Have you heard of Craftumi?

 Who are they?

In their own words …

craftumi is an online community where you can buy and sell supplies for creating art and craft.  Only users located within Australia are permitted to sell their supplies on craftumi but worlwide users are permitted to purchase items (subject to individual seller’s conditions).

craftumi is the sister site of 

Craftumi is very similar to Etsy in many ways, but both Craftumi and it’s sister site Made It specialize in Australian based sellers.  This is great news if you live in Australia and your looking for an Aussie seller.  It’s not always easy to narrow down the search results to weed out international sellers on Etsy – at least, I’ve never managed to do it, so to have an online marketplace dedicated to Australian craft sellers is a great time saver for me.

Can I buy from Craftumi if I don’t live in Australia? 

Absolutely!  🙂

The only restrictions to international buys are those set by the individual sellers.

Selling on Craftumi …

Selling on Craftumi is much the same as Etsy.  There is a very similar listing process, and the listing fees and commission fees are comparable.  The only real noticeable difference is no option for instant download for digital files.

Craftumi does offer the option to have your listing randomly appear on the landing page for $0.50 for 30 days.  This is a super cheap advertising option and well worth paying the extra few cents.Craftumi featured craft supplies.

Did you know …

Did you know that I sell many of my patterns on Craftumi (& Made It) cheaper that I sell than on Etsy?  My regular stand-alone patterns are just $10 – that’s a saving of almost 17%  😀

Connect with Craftumi online …

Do you have a favorite online marketplace?  Let me know in the comments, why do you love them?  🙂

Happy sewing …

Mignon Prider Design on Craftumi

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