Now Accepting Etsy Payments

Recently, Etsy has implemented some changes to how you shop with them. Etsy Payments (formally Direct Checkout) has been in place for a while, but have not been *available to most countries, including here in Australia.

But now when you shop at my Etsy shop, you can also add items from other Etsy sellers into your cart, then checkout with a single payment for all your purchase, Etsy handles the rest of the payment process and pays the sellers.

Also, you now have many more options for how you pay – up to 10 depending on your location.  PayPal is still available,  but you now have the option for using other methods such as Etsy Gift Card, Credit card, and **bank card transactions [direct debit] + several more.

For more information on your payment options on Etsy, please click here.

Now accepting Etsy Payments


Click here to check out Etsy Payments at my shop  🙂

Happy sewing …



* Etsy payments are not available in all location.  Please click here for more details.

** Digital files are made available AFTER funds have cleared.  Some methods may result in a delay.  Please click here for more details.






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