Project 7: Animals in Motion (Stuffed Animals – Concept to Construction – Pt 8)

Lion - Project 7

The Project – Lion

The basic premise of the lion project was to create an asymmetric design. One where rather than being able to use the same template for both sides of the body, you have 2 different ones.  In the case of the lion, the legs are in different positions.

Abby has design this lion so that he is in a semi crouching position, which gives him a scene of action and creates a more energetic and interesting design than the usual stagnate standing pose of most designs.

For this project I decided I would also experiment with sewing with toy fur.  If you have never worked with toy fur before there are a few things you need to look out for; which Abby talks about in the Puppy project. Firstly, cutting out your pieces is a slow job.  Rather than just chop into the fabric as your would for most fabrics, you need to work on the wrong side of the fabric and carefully snip just the backing fabric so as to not cut the fur fibres.

The pile of the fur also creates added bulk, so depending on just how plush the fibres are, you will most likely need to find an alternative method of ‘pinning’ your pieces together.

Other Lessons for this project.

things to learnSome of the other lessons covered in this project were turned applique – used to create the snout; creating shaping in the ears and how to create a mane including several alternative options.

My design — another Deer.

Project 7 - Deer

Side 1


Side 2

Project 7 - Deer

I didn’t go crazy with this project.  Really all I did was raise one leg, but it still created an asymmetric design using 2 body and 2 under-gusset templates. And although I am generally pleased with this design, I would make several adjustments, in particular, to the shape of the raised leg – it’s OK, the the shape is a little funky.

There was another very important lesson I learn with this project … when creating a ‘cute’ character with an over sized head – it’s better to keep all 4 feet on the ground (& now you know the mini acorn thing is not just for decoration 😉  )

Next Project ~ Sitting Cat


Georgie rules

I’m looking forward to making this adorable sitting cat.  I already have some really nice toy fur for it.  It will be interesting to see how Georgie reacts to having ‘another cat’ in the house.  I have the lion sitting on a small book case in my room,  & Georgie is always knocking him off to sit in his spot. 

Book - Stuffed Animals
Click on this image to buy your own copy of this book from Abby.

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