New Pattern & Tutorial ~ A Fabric Ball in 4 Sizes

New pattern - 4 balls

New Pattern

Balls are fun versatile toys that can be enjoyed by everyone at any age. They are also great pet toys that can be quickly and easily sewn for an inexpensive chew toy. 

This pattern is also a great scrap buster, using as little as a fat eight for the smallest ball and a fat quarter for the biggest ball.

There are 4 sizes to choose from – the smallest one is a great cat toy size (although Georgie will play with any of them 😉  ).  The medium one is a little bigger than a tennis ball – a great size for playing catch with with a child who is perhaps a little frightened of catching regular balls.  And the  large and extra large size are great for toddles to roll and general play.

Small – 6cm (2.3″) tall
Medium – 9.5cm (3.7″) tall
Large – 13.5cm (5.3″) tall
Extra Large – 17cm (6.7″) tall

This 8 page pattern includes:

* Full size templates for 4 size balls
* Click-able table of contents
* Quick instructions for experienced sewists
* Step-by-step photo tutorial for beginner sewists
* File format: PDF
* File size – 793KB
* Skill level:  Beginner 

50% OFF Introductory Price!

For the first month this pattern listed at an introductory price of $2.50 AUD – After the 19th of March the price will be going up to $5 AUD … that’s a saving of  50% — 

Grab your copy before it goes up!

Ball pattern examples

A New Tutorial -Sewing a Nice Round Ball

And to help you sew the best ball … here is a free Tutorial to help you.

While I was creating my Bowling Pin & Ball pattern I discovered that sewing a nice ’round’ ball from woven fabric wasn’t as easy as it sounds. In this tutorial I demonstrate how you can use the natural properties of woven fabric to help you sew a perfectly round ball.

Sewing a round ball - on grain v's bias grain

Don’t forget to visit either my Etsy shop or Madeit shop to take advantage of the 50% off introductory price while it lasts 🙂 

Until next time

Happy sewing 


Cat toy 4



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