Woo Hoo — I’m on a short break this week.

break time2 Next week I am taking a short break.  It’s a good time to take some time out and recharge before the craziness of the soon-to-be-here holiday season, plus we have 2 holidays to celebrate at the end of next week.

Both my Etsy and Craftsy shops will still be open for sales because they have instant download, but my Madeit shop will be in holiday mode for the week.

I will also be taking a short break from my #design_a_Plushie posts on Instagram, but the following week I will be choosing fabrics and starting work on the instructions and the first sample 🙂

Some Interesting Thing From The WWW.

This week I came across a couple of interesting videos on youtube.  This first one is  about  recycled plastic bottles being turned into polyester.

And this one is about how they make fleece.

spoonflower logo has recently published a great resource book filled with information and tutorials on how to design your own designer fabric.  At the moment they are running a competition (until the 7th October 2015) .  The lucky winner will receive a copy of their new handbook and 2 yards of fabric.  Click on this link for your chance to win  http://bit.ly/1MLV6yh


Until next time … signature-pink-2




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