Review: PicMonkey – Online Photo Editing Program, Plus a Short Tutorial.


I have been using PicMonkey for about two and a half years now to edit ALL my photos, so I thought it was time to write a review about this amazing program.

Essentially PicMonkey is an online photo editing program, but unlike many other programs I have seen and used, it is ridiculously simple to use and although there is a subscription plan available, you can use a large portion of it for free.

Photo Editing

As with any photo editing software there are the ‘Basic Edit’ tools such as cropping, rotating and exposure (plus others).


 In ‘Effects’ there are many  different effects to apply to your images.  You can manipulate them to create the look you want. This is just a very small sample.

PicMonkey-Effects-sampleIn ‘Touch-Up’ you can find all the tools needed for removing things like blemishes, red-eye or wrinkles, as well as touch up your make-up or just add a rosy glow to someone’s cheeks.


In ‘Fonts’ you can choose one of the many PicMonkey fonts or switch over to the fonts on your computer with a simple click of a button.


You can have a heap of fun with ‘Overlays’.  There are so many to choose from, everything from fun and whimsical to elegant and everything in between.


In ‘Frames’ you get to choose from a variety of options.  The drop shadow on all the images in my posts comes from here.  Here is a small selection of some other options for framing your photo’s.


Next is ‘Textures’, here you can find all sorts of interesting textures such as brick walls, fabric, stars, water and much much more.  You can use them as a blanket overlay on you image (great for disguising a photo that’s not the best), or you can erase parts of it to reveal the photo underneath or reverse the effect so that the texture is only on part of the image.


Lastly, there are ‘Themes’.  There are currently 12 different ‘Theme’, but PicMonkey periodically adds new ones.  This area is great for when you have something particular in mind such as Christmas.  Many of the features found in here can be found throughout the other sections, but there are quite a few options unique to Themes, so it’s worth checking out.  Here are a just three examples using some of the tools available in in Winterland, School and Comic Heroes.


Free or Subscription.


PicMonkeys subscription is called Royale.  Anything that has a crown on it in the menu is part of the Royale collection.  It’s  possible to use PicMonkey successfully without having a subscription; I did for about a year before deciding to take out a subscription.  I decided to take the plunge for two reasons — 1.  I was using PicMonkey so often — we’re talking several times a week —  and I was so happy with it, I felt it was only right I should help support the developers by subscribing.  2.  The subscription free is amazingly low.  At the time of this being posted, the fee’s are 9 cents a day for a 12 month  subscription or 16 cents a day for a 6 month subscription. — Worth every cent!

Not just for editing photos.

This banner for my last post was made completely from scratch using PicMonkey. By choosing the ‘Design’ feature on PicMonkeys homepage, you can choose from a selection of pre-set sizes or use ‘custom’ to customize you image size.   For this simple banner I chose to have the background coloured, but you can also select ‘transparent’ to create a PNG file.  The options are endless.



After I made this banner, I discovered I had missed a typo — PicMonkey is very easy to use, but creating something like this still takes a bit of time, time I really didn’t want to spend re-making it from scratch.  Thankful it’s easy to correct this type of mistake, so I headed back to PicMonkey to fix my boo-boo …


 I hope you have enjoyed this review of one of my most favourite online programs.  PicMonkey has a blog where the regularly post tutorials to help users get the most out of the program as well as show you all the other amazing things you can make.

Do you have a favourite program that you just absolutly ‘love’.  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

 Until next time  … 



Ps: Apart from the photo’s of Georgie (above) and the banner used in the tutorial, all other photo’s are free images supplied by and available on  PicMonkey.


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