Should you Clip your seam allowance? A three part tutorial.

Clipping your Seam Allownace

There are many steps involved with putting together every creation.  Some, like choosing the fabrics and other materials, can be fun while others are boring but often necessary steps needed to achieve a good result.

Clipping seam allowances is something that almost every sewing project requires, but sometimes we can be tempted to skip this fiddle, time consuming step.

I have put together a three part tutorial looking at why clipping your seam allowances can take your finished project from ‘OK’ to something your proud to show the world.

In Part 1 I look at two different ways to clip  your seam allowance and when to use each one.  I also look at just how close you can cut to the stitching line as well as demonstrate a ‘U’ shaped seam, where clipping right up to the stitch line is necessary for a good finish.

 Click here to go to Part 1: How close to clip.

In Part 2 I explain how to tell if a curve is a ‘Concave curve’ or a Convex curve’, and why you need to know the difference.  I then look at Concave curves more closely, demonstrating what happens when you don’t clip these curves as well as what happens to the seam allowance after your work has been turned to the right side after clipping.

Click here to go to part 2: Concave curves.

In Part 3 I look at ‘Convex curves’, demonstrating what happens to the seam allowance when your project is turned to the right side before and after clipping the seams.

Click here to go to part 3: Convex curves. 

Are there any sewing techniques you would like demonstrated or explained?  I would love to know what you need help with, so let me know in the comments section below 🙂 

Happy Sewing … 


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