Introducing “Karli & Kutta Penguin”, Arctic Friends ~ A New Sewing e-Pattern

After two months of hard work it’s finally here!

My very first soft toy sewing e-Pattern.


These “cute & cuddly” guys are listed and ready for you to buy and sew your very own Arctic Friend.  

 Etsy — Madeit — Craftumi — Craftsy.

“Karli & Kutta Penguin” are a real ‘hand-full’, but in a good way …


Whether you make them from fuzzy fleece or plush Minky, their 64 cm (25.5 inch) round bodies make them great to cuddle, and their wings and feet are easy for small hands to hold.

This pattern is suitable for ‘confidant beginners’.  In other words, if you are fairly new to sewing, but you have made a few things, and would like to stretch your creative wings just a little, then this is good pattern for you.  


The 1.72MB (compressed) PDF file includes easy to read instructions and lots of photo’s to help you every step of the way.


And keep an eye out for this little guy, he’s the wise owl who shares all the  “Trade Secrets” – tips and techniques that will help you sew better and create  softies with a  more professional finish.TIPS_side-seams

And if you have any questions, you can always send me an email at

So … what have I learned from making my own e-Pattern?

This has been a huge learning curve, not only have I been learning how to design my own soft toy patterns, but also write up instructions for others that are easy to follow, but include everything someone might need to successfully recreate ‘Karli & Kutta Penguin’.  I  also now find myself thinking about which steps would be good to photograph as I’m sewing something.


 I have also learnt how to use a graphics program – Inkscape, well, at least the basics, as well as how to turn documents into PDF files, merge multiple PDF files into one and then compress them it to a more manageable size for download. Thankfully much of this can be done for free, or with free trials.  I have found some programs I really like and intend buying as soon as possible; like SodaPDF, as well as a few programs that didn’t really suit me.

I have added a new page to my ‘Shop’ menu at the top specifically for my e-Patterns with links to all the places you can buy them as well as a more detailed review of the pattern including the list of materials needed for this project.  So don’t forget to check back soon to see what new e-Patterns have been added.

Or you can sign up for email updates, so you will never miss a new pattern release.   The ‘Email Sign Up’ can be found at the top of the right hand bar just under the ‘search’ box.

Well, I’m off to start on a new Arctic friend for ‘Karli &Kutta Penguin’, so until next time …

Happy sewing   georgie-feb-2014


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