Operation Christmas Child

It’s that time of year again …   🙂OPERATION_CHRISTMAS_CHILD_2013

Every year since 1993  Samaritan Purse International Relief have been asking people to fill shoe boxes with gifts for children in developing countries.  To date they have sent more than 100 million shoe boxes globally to kids in need in more than 130 countries.

So – what can you put in you shoebox?


… and what NOT to include …


click on the images above to go to the Operation Christmas Child website for more details on what can be included in your shoebox.

I am doing 2 boxes again this year, 1 for a boy & 1 for a girl.  This year I have chosen the 2-4 year age group.


The first items for my boxes are these very cute little tooth brushes I found the other day.


The boxes are collected in October, click here for a list of drop-off points in Australia. At the moment there is listed the main depot for each state with a toll free number.  Last year this listed was extended to include a number of other drop-off points across each state, so check back with them in October when you are ready to drop off you box.

For regular updates on what goes into my OCC boes this year as well as Nittens & Patches new click on the image below to find me on facebook …     🙂


Until next time ….     🙂




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