Birds Of A ‘Fabric’ Are Flocking Together Here This Week!

The other week when I was going through my patterns picking out what I would like to make I wasn’t thinking of any sort of theme, but I ended up with one … ‘Birds!’

To start with I made another version of ‘Mother Hen & her 4 Chickadees’ …

Click here to buy Mother Hen & her 4 Chickadees at Etsy. 🙂

This time I have hand embroidered some little flowers on Mother Hens wings, plus when I cut out the fabric I lined up the eye placement with  flowers.  I have also embroidered around part of the flower to outline the eyes as well as used black felt for the very centre of the eyes.  Mother Hen & her little Chickadees are currently available at Etsy,  just click on the image to go straight them.   🙂

I’m always looking for new patterns to use, this week I found one from ‘While She Naps‘ (Abby Glassenberg), the Pattern name is ‘Stella the Owl’.

Click here to see Mummy Owl & her cute baby @ Etsy.   :)
Click here to buy Mummy Owl & her cute baby @ Etsy. 🙂

I love how the mummy owl can snuggle her baby in her wings   🙂 

Click here to buy Mummy Owl & her cute baby @ Etsy. 🙂

And the last one … for this week   😉

Click here to buy mummy owl & her cute little baby at Madeit. 🙂

  I have one more to be photographed & listed next week, but here’s a preview … she will also be available at


These cute owls have velcro machine stitched to their wings so they can snuggle their babies close to them.  The eye patches are hand appliqued with blanket stitch & the eyes have been stitch in daisy stitch.  Both mummies & babies beaks are made of felt & babies eyes are also felt; both are made from 100% cotton & synthetic toy filling.


My last one for this week is a bird of a different type, this time we have a mechanical bird … aka a aeroplane.  This little guy is a brand new pattern from Melly & Me’ – ‘Percy & Herb’ (Herb the helicopter will be with us next week    😉   )

I love how he has come together with his colourful -100% cotton – body & bright red wings.  He even has little felt wheels.  His face is hand appliqued felt & there are plenty of hand appliqued felt windows for his passengers to look out of.  🙂

Well, thats all my news for this week.  🙂  It’s time to get back to my sewing desk to create more goodies to share with you next week you.



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