15 Minutes of Fame!

Drawing of a Star
Drawing of a Star (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say everyone has 15 minutes of fame in their life.  Five minutes where they are in the spotlight for something, hopefully something good   😉

Late last year, just after I had finished my Small Etsy Button 2Business Management course through BRACE, my course mentor, Greg Keyes, asked if he could send a copy of the  journaling I had written in this blog of my experiences with the course & the NEIS program Craftumi Buttonto BRACE  to help them with assessing the course. Well ,that was OK, I didn’t mind helping out if I could.  A few weeks later Di from BRACE emailed me asking if I would be happy to do a {Skype} interview with someone from NEIS to be used on Youtube to help share with others what the NEIS program was all about & share my experiences.

purple face anxious unsure
(Photo credit: you get the picture)

My very first reaction was to say no, not because I didn’t want to help people or share my experiences, after all I had already done that on my blog.  No, what was freaking me out was the who video part for youtube.  You see, I’m actually quite shy, so doing something like that is very much outside of my comfort zone.  But I thought about it for a little while, had a little talk to myself about how this would be a good growth experience & an opportunity for some free promotion of the business … I said yes!

My 15 Minutes of fame  🙂

I hope you enjoyed the interview  🙂  until next week, have a super weekend,MadeIt Button 2

Love Mignon, Georgie & Little Ted   🙂

Update:  Unfortunately this video is no longer available 😦




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