Embroidered Cushion Kits & cute DIY Softies from’The Red Thread’ & [Make It].

Look What arrived yesterday!   🙂


Loads of new crafty goodies for me to share with you.   🙂

I really love making things, it’s the thing I do to relax, recharge the batteries … all those 1good things.  I decided a few weeks ago that I would like to share this love with you not just through the toys I make, but through providing supplies for others. So I looked around to see who the wholesalers are in Australia.  They all offer all sorts of great goodies to choose from.  The hard part was deciding on what to start with.  Eventually I found J.Leutenegger Pty Ltd, they have been around for more than 100 years.  In amongst all the goodies they sell I found some very cute kits that I thought would be great to start with.


The very first thing on my list were these super cute Roxy Longsocks pattern kits from Lisa Tilse of ‘The Red Thread’.  You get a pattern for Roxy, plus instructions on how to create a wintertime Roxy or a springtime Roxy.  There is an adorable face printed on cotton/line panel plus there are direction & a pattern showing you how to create your own face for Roxy using felt.  You get to choose what colours you make your Roxy in so all you have to decide is whether you want Blue, Brown, Asian or Green eyes.  Once you have your pattern, you can make as many Roxy’s as you like (for personal use only).


Extra face panels can be bought either when you buy a pattern kit or separately at a later date.


Next in a lineup of crafty goodieness is another The Red Thread product – these adorable  Sweetie Petite kits .  I have 4 to chose from … (from left to right) Molly, Freddie, (bottom) Ginger & Daisy.  


Each kit comes with almost everything you need to make it up.  There is a printed panel 2with the designs for you to cut out & sew together, either on a sewing machine or by hand.  The stuffing is provided for you which I think is fabulous for anyone who is only wanting to make up this one softy & doesn’t have any need for a big bag of toy stuffing.  There is also a second little softy for you in these kits, in the kit pictured above – Freddie, it’s the little acorn in the top left hand corner.  There are other images printed on the panel that could be used for things like applique or covered buttons.


And finally these 2 adorable applique & embroidery cushion kits from [Make It].


The kit comes instructions, pre-printed calico pieces – the design is on both sides of the pillow.  You also get all the embroidery thread & some fabric & fusible webbing for the applique pieces. The only thing you need to buy is the toy filling.  They are pretty big, so I sure you will use up a whole bag with them, depending on how full you like you pillow.

So where can you buy these lovelies …. just click on the image below to find out!   🙂


I am planning on posting tutorials for all of these over the coming weeks, starting with the Sweetie Petite Freddie, so don’t forget to check back or sign up for email notification at the top of right hand side menu

Well that’s it for another cold & wintery week here in South Australia.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend … until next week …

Love Mignon, Georgie & Little Ted   🙂

Georgie - curled up in a tight ball, fast asleep in the linen cupboard  :)
Georgie – curled up in a tight ball, fast asleep in the linen cupboard 🙂




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