What do Orange Kitty Cats, Rainbow Lambs, Floppy Eared Bunnies & Ballerina’s have in common?

Well, probably not a lot really.

Here are some pictures of them all though …

Kitty will be listed on my Etsy shop next week. 🙂

This cute little guy has been made from bright Orange minky so he is super soft & cuddle.  Kitty is approximately 36cm (14 inch) from the tips of his toes to the end of his nose.  His face is all hand embroidered & he has a navy blue & gold ribbon around his neck.  Kitty has been made from Funky Friends Factory’s Kitty Kate pattern.

Lamkins will be listed on my Etsy shop next week 🙂

This very cute & fuzzy little guy has been made using Funky Friends Factory’s Lamkins Lamb pattern.  She is approximately 26cm (10 inches) long from the bottom of her back feet to the tip of her nose.  She has been made from Polar Fleece, rainbow dot pattern for her body & bright green & raspberry for her feet & floppy little ears.  Lamkins has a hot pink organza ribbon around her neck & her face is all hand embroidered.

Sugar Plum Fairy will be listed on my MadeIt shop next week 🙂

My last Funky Friends factory Pattern for today is the Sugar Plum Fairy Ballerina.   My little ballerina has yellow felt hair with hand embroidered edging & hand embroidered face.  She is approximately 29 cm (11 inches) tall. Her ballet slippers match her wings, which I have embroidered some swirls onto & attach to the back of Sugar Plum’s costume with velcro dots.  The laces of her ballet slippers area pretty shade of green, the same as her choker which has a cute little purple flower button in the centre.  Her purple tutu, which is decorated with a rainbow of sequences can also be taken off.

Bo Bunny will be available on my Etsy shop next week 🙂
Bonnie Bunny
Bonnie Bunny

Bo Bunny is Bonnie Bunny’s brother.  Bo’s big floppy, brightly coloured checked ears which match his pants & his blue top has bright & cute funky critters all over it.  He also has a red satin ribbon around his neck.  His face is all hand embroidered  & he is approximately 35 cm (13 inches) tall.  Bo has been made using the ‘Rita Rabbit’ pattern by De Powell from Oh Sew Dollin.

Well, that is all for another week.  More fun toys are in the works & next week I have a big announcement,  so don’t forget to pop in next weekend to see what new & exciting things are happening here.

Until then, have a super week & bye for now …

Love Mignon, Georgie, & Little Ted   🙂




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