“All the Kings horses & all the Kings Men too busy to put Humpty Dumpty together!”

Humpty_Dumpty_1Yes that’s right, poor old Humpty Dumpty didn’t quite get finished this week as I had hoped.  I got his body made up & stuffed, so he is on the way & will be all finished next week.


Remember the fabric I showed you last week?  Well this is who I made with it   🙂    I decided the green fleece matched better than the green minky {I’ll save that for something else  😉  }  The pattern is “Lamkin’s” from funky Friends Factory.  This one was I think the most challenging pattern I have used so far.  She came together very well, but there were Teddy set collagejust a few trixy bits.  Definitely not a pattern for a beginner to start with.  If you are intersted in making your own softie, Pauline from Funky Friends Factory recommends Honey Bear for beginners.  I have made Honey bear a couple of times & it is a good one to start with   🙂


The fabric I used to make Lamkins was a polar fleece.  It’s super soft & cuddle & I love the colours, but it was a real challenge to work with.  As you can see from the photo above it is very ‘fluffy’.  It left lint everywhere … all over me, all over the floor, & I’m sure I need to give my sewing machine a clean, even Georgie was covered it it {that’s what he gets for sitting on my lap while I’m sewing   🙂   }

Personal Projects.


A few months before last winter ‘Number One Son’ asked me if I would knit him a jumper.  Of course I said yes  🙂   He wanted something a bit different & something made from natural fibers, so I found a couple of patterns I thought he might like.  For the yarn I suggested Eco Alpaca by Cascade Yarns {I bought mine from Tangled Yarns}.  It’s 100% undyed baby alpaca, so the colours you see are all natural & being baby alpaca it is very soft & warm but not scratchy.  I had used it before so I had a sample for him to look at & feel to see if he like it.  It was supposed  to be for last winter, but it has been so long since I knitted a men’s jumper that I had forgotten how much work there is in it.  But it is all finished now … & in time for winter too    😉

Biggan Design yarn
Colour – Candy Floss 945
Sorry ~ not the best photo, the lighting is a bit dodgy 😦

I usually like to do something at night while we watch TV.  It depends a little on what is on & how interested I am, but knitting is something I can do & at least half watch what is on.  This lovely bright pink yarn from Biggan Design will be made into a new pair of socks. I’m not sure if I am going to make them plain or do some sort of decorative stitch yet,  I’ll think about that while I find a pattern.

Well, Georgie has decided to curl up on my lap.  I’m writing this up stairs & sitting in a bean bag, so I have had to move the laptop & put it on a little table next to me – not the most comfortable, so I will finish for this week.  Hope you are having a super weekend    😀

Love Mignon, Little Ted & Georgie   🙂

Sweet dreams Georgie boy  :)
Sweet dreams Georgie boy 🙂


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