Indian Summers, Bunny Rabbits & Kitty Cats.


Well we are in the middle of a classic Indian summer here in South Australia.  Just a few days ago it was freezing  & I was planning on pulling out the flannelette sheets for the beds but before I could – bam – the temperature jumped to the high 20’s (celsius), which is really a very nice day here, especially if the wind isn’t blow (which it usually).  So it has been I great week with lovely warm autumn days & sunshine.

I didn’t get to enjoy this warm little break as much as I would have like, I was busy  sewing & embroidering.  I have 2 new friends ready to meet the world.

First we have Bo Bunny, he’s the brother to Bonny Bonnie BunnyBunny.Bo_Bunny_Rabbit_rag_doll

Bo Has a pair of brightly coloured checked pants that match his big floppy ears & his blue matching top is decorated with funky creepy crawlies.  Instead of a big bow between his ears like Bonny, I have tied a red satin ribbon around his neck.  This can be easily removed though.  Bo’s face is all hand embroidered & he also has some freckles – just to make him extra cute   🙂 

He hasn’t had his photo shoot yet, but I will let you know when that happens, so you will know when he will be listed.

Also this week we have a new comer – Kitty.kitty_cat_orange_minky

Georgie wasn’t too sure about Kitty, I think he thought I was making a rival for him, but he’s safe, Kitty will be looking for a new home soon.

Kitty has been made from bright orange Minky.  I haven’t used Minky before so this was something new for me.  I love how soft this is, it’s a bit like patting Georgie’s soft downy fur.  Kitty’s face is all embroidered & she has felt on her nose & ears, just for something a little bit different.  She also has a beautiful blue organza & satin ribbon around her neck.

garfield (Photo credit: Mahesh Lokhande)

Actually Kitty reminds me of Garfield the cat.  I love Garfield.  My dad bought me one when I was about 18 which I still have & of course we have the Garfield movies … what cat lover doesn’t     😉

I have 2 new friends on the way.  I will have them ready to  show you next week, but for the moment here is a sneak peak …  Lamb_polar_fabric_wordpress

As you can see I’m using another Funky Friends Factory pattern.  I really love these patterns.  I have a number of them & so far I haven’t had any trouble putting any of them together & the toys are always great, Pauline really does a super job of designing these guys.  Can you guess who this will be?  Why not check out the designs at The Funky Friends Factory here & then leave a comment below & let me know who you are hoping this will be.

Sneek Peek Project HD 2

And then there is this guy … do you remember him from way back here?  Well I have decided it is time to finish him off, that’s also on the ‘To Do List’ this week.

Apart from that I’ll be up to the usual ‘mummy’ stuff.  ‘Number One Son’ has an MRI this week in Adelaide – at 6.30PM!   😦    Can you tell I’m really looking forward to that – not!  Anyway we have to do these things & it could be worse so I shouldn’t complain.

But for now I have some new ‘treasures’ to sort through & a couple of litter trays that desperately need cleaning before Georgie decides to leave home.

Hope you have a super week …

Love Mignon, Little Ted & Georgie   🙂Georgie_on_printer_devon_rex_cat



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