My First Quarterly Report for NEIS

This week I have been busy mostly with paperwork preparing my first quarterly report  for NEIS.

1st Quarterly Report

This report was in some ways very similar to the regular report I have to do each month but in much more detail.

This time I had to include financial information – ie. how much money did I make (or not) over the last 3 months.  To do this I had to go back to my business plan & check to see what I thought I might sell & spend for the first 3 months & compare that to what I  actually  did.  If the actual figures are higher than expected then that’s great, if they are close but a little either way thats great too, but if they are too low, then you have to demonstrate what you plan to do to try & fix it over the next 3 months.

Most of it was pretty straight forward.  I typed my answers this month rather than trying to hand write it in the little spaces they give you.  I’ve hand written the last couple, but I end up trying to squeeze too much information in & it all gets a bit messy.  Plus, buy typing it all up I could add some pictures of some of my produces …  everyone is a potential customer   😉

It’s a bit of a scary exercise, especially when your figures aren’t matching up.  It really makes you stop & examine things closely & consider your options; which I guess it the whole point of the exercise.

Etsy Store Opening Soon

One of these options –which I have been considering for a while – is to open a second online store.   It will the the same business, just on 2 different platforms.  Because everything I make are done individually & are one-of-a-kind items, each item will be listed on only one platform at a time.

Rainbow Tree2

Apart from paperwork I have been finishing off another hand embroidered wall art piece – the Rainbow Tree.  I love how this particular variegated thread changes colour & isn’t just shades of the same colour.

I have also been giving some of the toys a bit of a makeover.  Nothing too radical, just adding some embroidery to them to tissy them up a bit. I have just a couple more to do then the big photo shoot & all new descriptions ready for listing on Etsy.

Well that’s about it for another week.  I have a pizza waiting for toppings, but before I go I thought I’d share this song.  It’s been around for a while, but I heard it for the first time the other week on an episode of ‘Bones’ (one of my fav TV shows).  I love songs that are a bit offbeat & funny & this one is great.

Update: So it seems I embed the whole playlist & not just the Lime & Coconut song    😉   Hope you enjoy this little list of crazy songs I like to listen to while I work    😀

Have a great week …

Love Mignon & Georgie   🙂Devon Rex Cat



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