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How was your Easter weekend?  Ours started super busy.  Lindsay was asked to organise
the catering for that weekend.  Our Church had a Jewish rabbi come a show us a Messianic Passover.  Jameil   came over last year also, which was good as this year Lindsay & I didn’t get to see any of it.  We were running around like little busy little bees in the kitchen cooking for 100 people – no small feat considering we were working out of a small kitchen with only 2 domestic stoves & 1 small sink.

I was so had it by the end of the night.  I ached & pained in places I didn’t know you could ache & pain in.  Thankfully we had a couple of helpers.  Althea cooked all the soup, (as well as serving & generally helping) plus she bought a couple of burners to use which freed up the stove top.  Chantel was an angel, she made herself available to do whatever we needed, serve, wash up, cleaning …  At the end of the night she took over in the kitchen & made sure everything was cleaned & put away.  And of course at the end of the night many people from the church helped generally clean & pack everything away & re-set up the church the Sunday while Lindsay & I were sent home.

It all went well though, everyone had a great time, we didn’t run out of food & no one had to have their stomach pumped   😉

Easter Cookies   Easter cookies2

As I promised last week, here is a picture of some of the cookies decorated.  I’m very new at decorating cookies.  I’m still having some trouble with the cookies spreading – I think I have to turn my oven up just a little more.  These turned out a bit better the the last batch but they still spread a bit too much.

I was happy with the colours I got with the royal icing, nice & bright & Eastery. I only have one piping tip that is the right size for decorating, most are too big & the one I used for the pink icing was very small – good for making squiggly lines though   🙂

The recipes I used were a basic Sugar cookie & royal icing recipes, both from Sweetopia.

More Embroidery Wall Art

Love Birds completeThe ‘Love Birds’ embroidery is now listed for sale in the shop.

Papa Owl & Son 2

Papa Owl & Son are all finished & waiting for their photo shoot.  I add some heat set rhinestone gems to it for a little extra sparkle!


The Little Peacock is all finished too.  She also has some extra sparkle.  Not just with the heat set rhinestones, but also from the thread I used.  This one is 100% rayon which makes is super shiny & glossy.  I also Love the colours  in this one.

Rainbow Tree

And lastly ~ a work in progress … I have decided to call this one The Rainbow Tree.  I found some variegated embroidery thread the other day.  I love the effect it is creating.

Well, I have paperwork to do & a Rainbow Tree to finish.  Lindsay is away this week, so I want to try & catch up on a few things.

Have a super week.  Bye for now …

Love Mignon & Georgie  🙂

Georgie ~ missing his papa.
Georgie ~ missing his papa.

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