New Designs, Owls & Windy Weather

Winters on it’s way

Winter morning

Well it seems winter has blown into town after a month of very hot weather.  The temperature on the Fleurieu  Peninsula in usually pretty cool even in summer.  But this year we have had a number of days 40*c & even a little higher.  Last summer we only needed to use the air conditioner maybe a dozen times , but this year it has been on at least one or two days a week.

However Wednesday night winter came town.  It was blustery  for more than 24 hours.  At one point we thought one of our neighbours were going to loose their new trampoline, thankfully once it had slid down the hill a little way it was sheltered by the house enough to stay put.  I thing we still have a few warm days before winter is here for good, but their is a definite chill in the air now.

New Wall Art owls

Papa Owl & Son
Designed by Revi Devi

I have started a new embroidery design by Revi Devi.  This one is a papa owl & his son sitting on a branch at night.  I decided to try something a little different so I used blue fabric rather than white.  I thought that would give it more of a feeling on night time.  I am also using metallic threads for the star to add a little sparkle  🙂

New DesignsNew Embroidery designsDesigned by Revi Devi

New Embroidery designs
Designed by Revi Devi

When I bought the Papa Owl & Son design I also bought a couple of other designs also by Revi; ‘Little Peacock & Flower’ as well as ‘Take a Rest’.  I can’t wait to get started on these, especially the Little Peacock & Flower design.  When I was at the craft shop buying supplies for the Papa Owl design I had a quick look at the very big range of DMC threads  now available.  There are so many beautiful colours to choose from so I think this will be a very colourful design.

Love Birds All finished  🙂Love Birds complete

Love Birds
Designed by Gingermelon

The Love Birds design by Gingermelon I was working on last week is all finished & framed. I will be listing it early next week.  I have put a piece of red ribbon on the top for hanging, but you could remove this & use the brass clasp at the top to slip over a small hook if preferred.   I will post an update on the Nittens & Patches Facebook page when I have done this.

Until next week …

Love Mignon & Georgie   🙂At home with Gearogie



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