Spring Cleaning ~ in Autumn!

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Have you ever had that feeling when you are doing something, that something isn’t quite right.  Some times you have no idea what it might be, but other times there is this nagging feeling you get about some part of it, but you turn your metaphoric ‘deaf ear’ to it & keep going.  

I have had this feeling for a while now, ever since I had to do a stock take for my business plan late last year.  I have quite a bit of fabric, knitting yarn & other miscellanies crafting supplies & equipment & I needed to work out some sort of dollar value for it all.  I have been collecting much of this gear for quite a few years, some of it was given to me by friends & relatives when I started looking at starting Nittens & Patches as a business.  It took me a couple of days to get through it all.  The whole time I was sorting through this stuff & writing it all down I kept thinking something was quite right; I wasn’t doing it quite right some how.  Even further back in my mind was this small voice – a bit like a little kid in a shop who is too short to see over the counter  jumping up & down hoping someone will see him/her.  This small voice was saying … “Psst! … Psst! … do you really … need to count … that?  … Is that really … suitable for  … making toys?”  And I’d say … ” Shoosh! … I’m busy.”

Time for a little ‘Spring Cleaning’

Yarn De-stashFB IMAGE

Well I finally stop to listen to what small voice was trying to tell me all this time.  Not all the materials I have collected over the years are suitable.  They are all good, but not good for what I want or need right now.  So I have decided to have a big clean up & sell off all the fabrics, yarns & anything else I have that I want be using on my www.craftumi.com.au account.  I will put a link for this on Facebook once I have set up the account & started listing things.

The first to go is the knitting yarns.  When I first started looking at starting this little business of mine I was thinking of knitting toys.  I found some very adorable patterns, by some very talented people.  I made some, I sold some, it was all looking good, but then I had to start looking at the reality of making a living out of knitting & unfortunately I’m just not quick enough.  I found it was taking me a good 7 to 8 hours to knit each toy.  There was just no way I could every knit up enough toys to pay the bills so I started looking at the alternatives.

That has left me with quit a lot of yarn that I will never use, so I started going through it all yesterday.  I have split it all up into colour lots ~ surprisingly ‘Pink’ is the biggest pile   😉

So if you like to knit or know someone who does, let them know to check out Nittens & Patches on Facebook, I will put up posts as I list things next week.  



My darling little love birds are all finished now.  I’m just waiting on my order of hoops to arrive to finish them off before I can list them on the shop next week.  I will post on Nittens & Patches Facebook wall when I do this so don’t forget to click the ‘Like’ button & then ‘Show in News Feed’ from the drop-down menu to get these up-dates.

What is something your ‘small voice’ has tried to tell you?  Did you also pretend not to hear for a while?  Let me know by leaving a comment below, I’d love to hear what it was ‘small voice’ was trying to tell you.

Until next week …

Love Mignon & Georgie   🙂Exif_JPEG_PICTURE



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