Ergonomics & Tattoos.


Since I started with the BRACE & the NEIS program in September last year I have spent quite a lot more time on the computer that I have ever done before.  Just before the end of the Small Business Management course with BRACE I started having some problems with the plantar tendons in my right foot.  After some advice from Greg ( my trainer at the time) & a quick Google search, I had a few simple exercises & some information on how to strap  my foot.  This worked for a little while, but I realised the other day my foot had gotten to a point where what ever I did with it, it just wouldn’t get any better.  I had also discovered a small lump on my right wrist, so I made an appointment with a local physiotherapist at the ‘Therapy Lift Centre’.  For the moment they have given me some more stretching & strengthen exercises to do several times each day for my foot as well as some some advice on how to set up my desk to make it more ‘Ergonomic‘.

Computer Workstation Variables
Computer Workstation Variables (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently your arms & legs should be in a ‘neutral’  position when you are sitting at your desk.  What this means is they should be at 90* angles to the desk, chair & floor.  To have my chair at the right hight for my arms to be 90* to the desk I have to have my chair as high as it will go, however this is too high for my legs & I can’t touch the floor with my heels. Dan (the physio I saw) explained this shortens the calf muscles which can lead to the types of problems I have been having.

As for my hand, I have bought a larger, more economical mouse & a mouse pad with wrist support, so hopefully that will help.  It’s taken a little bit to get used to the larger mouse, but my hand doesn’t acre any more while I’m using it, so that’s a start.


Fitness and Tattoos
Fitness and Tattoos (Photo credit: Glenn E. Malone)

This week I read a great post by Karen from ‘Build a Little Biz’ titled ‘It’s Not a Tattoo’.  This is one of those topics  that I think most of use ‘know’, but sometimes need to be reminded of.  When You’re busy trying to decide whether to go this way or that, it can be very easy to loose sight of the fact that what ever decision you end up making  isn’t a life sentence, you can always change your mind or try something different if things don’t quite work out the way you were hoping they would.

Karen’s advise – just go for it – start doing what ever it is you believe you should be doing, whether it’s writing a blog, making something, photographing your products.  It doesn’t matter if there not perfect, the more you do something the better & more proficient you will get at it.

This is something I have come to realise I need to keep in mind as I’m trawling  through my emails, Google reader or my favourite blog sites looking for information on the latest marketing trends or information on how to use the various social media sites. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the vast amounts of information out there.  When I start to feel this way I remind myself – I don’t have to know it all right now, I’ll grow into it.  Just keep taking one step at a time.  I often find it helpful if I focus on one topic at a time.  For example, Jess at ‘Create & Thrive’ has just ran a 4 part series about how to use Pinterest to grow your business.   I have a plaque hanging in my work area that I’ve had for quite a while.  I think the picture is funny – but as fun as this little image is it carries a message that I find myself using when I’m starting to feel a bit lost with things … Never Give Up!Never give up

Update ~ Mama Hen & the Four Chickadees

Mama Hen & her four adorable little Chickadees are all finished, just need to have their photo shoot & they will all be ready to venture off into the big wide world.  Here are some pics for you of Mama watching over her precious little darlings while they were being made.  If you click on the last 2 images you will see that on the Chickadees some of the flowers  have been embellished with hand embroidery  🙂

Mama Hen bringing some more poly fill for the Chickadees  :)
Mama Hen bringing some more poly fill for the Chickadees 🙂
Mama Hen taking the 4 Chickadees for a ride  :)
Mama Hen taking the 4 Chickadees for their first ride 🙂
The four Chickadees  :)
The four Chickadees 🙂

Until next week ~ bye for now & have a super week.

Love Mignon & Georgie  🙂




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