Mother Hen & Her 4 Baby Chick’s Will Be Here Soon!

Bonnie Bunny, Bibs & Teddy Bears.

Free Shipping to any where in Australia.  Includes tracking & Insurance.  :)
Free Shipping to any where in Australia. Includes tracking & Insurance. 🙂

Bonnie, the animal themed bibs & the Newborn baby gift set are now all available at the Nittens & Patches shop.  The Newborn gift set would be great for a baby shower & the Bibs  & Bonnie Bunny be would make super Easter or Birthday gifts.  🙂

Mother Hen &  Her Baby Chicks.clucky

Mother Hen is almost finished. I just need to finish stitching up her base, sew on her beak & eyes & she will be a ready to great the world. Next week it will be the 4 little chicks turn.  Then it will be photo’s & Mother Hen & her darling little chicks will be  ready for you to check her out at the Nittens & Patches shop.  You can see updates on their progress at Nittens & Patches Facebook page during the week.

Operation Christmas Child Update.

Samaritan's Purse

I received a newsletter from Samaritan’s Purse this week & the feature story was an update on the 2012 Operation Christmas Child shoe box appeal.  According to the article they received 308,263 shoe boxes which were sent out to kids in the Southeast Asia Pacific region.  Samaritan’s Purse have been collecting & sending out these shoe box’s since 1993,  the 2012 appeal bought the total number of shoe boxes having been sent from generous  Australia & New Zealanders to over the 3 million

In the newsletter they shared a story about a young 10 year old boy called Hacks from Thailand. Hacks mother had walked out on the family 7 years earlier when Hacks was just 3.  Last Christmas season a Paster in Hacks province held a Children’s Day even. Hack called his mother & asked if she would come with him.  According to Hacks his mother normally wouldn’t come to see him, but this  time she did.  Hacks & his mother participated in many of the activities throughout the day.  One of these activities was the distribution of the shoe box’s.

Apparently Hacks mother had left because she felt she wasn’t a good person & struggles with low self esteem.  she had even attempted suicide 3 times.  Thanks to the organisers of the Children’s Day even , Hacks’ mother is feeling much better now & is back with her family, which has made one little boy very happy.

I will finish this week with that happy thought.  Hope you are also having a super week.

Bye for now …

Love Mignon & Georgie  🙂new tou



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