From ‘Fresh Starts & New Beginnings’ to ‘Turning Tides’. Pt 1

Well – here we are again at the beginning of a brand new year.  I find it fascinating how much emphasis we place on the changing of 3 little numbers on a calendar,  but we all do  don’t we.  We see it as a new beginning, no matter how bad the ending year may have been, there is hope for a fresh start on the January 1.

Every where I went last year every one seemed to be saying that 2012 was a year for  ‘Fresh Starts & New beginnings’ & it certainly was that for us.  But as I learnt very quickly, not all new beginnings are welcomed.

davie 6
Davie … c 1996 – 4/2/2012

A couple of months before Christmas we had moved into the house we are currently in – that was a good thing.  This house is the same rent, but quite a bit bigger, far more comfortable & has great views.  It is a very peaceful house (most of the time, gets a bit noisy this time of year with holiday makers), but a few weeks after Christmas our beautiful little Davie became quite sick.  A visit to the vet, an injection & some medication & within a few days he was looking great again, better than he had in a while for an old man of 16.  We all sighed with relief & got on with life, but then he took a turn for the worse & started to Davie 5deteriorate again quite quickly.  His bladder infection was all cleared up  but I think it had all been just a little too much for him & a few weeks later he passed away quietly at home with us. He was a brave little soul who fought to stay with us right to the very end & as hard as it was to go though that I am grateful I was able to be there with him in the end to comfort him.

After we lost Davie I knew we would eventually get a new cat but I wasn’t sure when.  Lindsay was on the computer a day or 2 later, just looking around to see what Devon Rex cats might be around the place.  He wasn’t looking for a new cat straight away, just looking when he came across an add in Gumtree for a 2 year old Devon Rex named Georgie …

Gorgeous Georgie - born 17/10/2009
Gorgeous Georgie – born 17/10/2009

for free!  He was gorgeous  but  I honestly wasn’t sure about getting another cat so soon, but he was available & opportunity generally doesn’t wait for a convenient time to arrive.  So we made an appointment to see him – & for his ‘family’ to check us out.  Georgie’s previous family were retired Devon Rex breeders.   They had wanted to keep a male from their last litter – that was Georgie.  But unfortunately Georgie doesn’t play well with others & was picking on his sisters just a little too much.  So GEORGIE 16-2-12 -X2they had made the difficult decision to re-home him.   So there we were … without loosing Davie, we wouldn’t have been in a position to give Georgie a new home – a fresh start for Georgie & a new beginning for us.

Then my dad got sick.  At firsts we didn’t realise just how sick he really was, he was always so fit & health & active.  As time when on though & he didn’t improve  we all slowly started to

(Colin) Ross Joy 14-5-1940 to 15-4-2012Dad & I at Mildura - VIC  1966
(Colin) Ross Joy 14-5-1940 to 15-4-2012
Dad & I at Mildura – VIC 1966

realise he was a very sick man.  I have 3 brothers, most of us live close to Adelaide so we were able to visit him  over the coming weeks, including Jon, the youngest who is in the Air-force & was based in New South Wales at the time.  This was one of those new beginnings that none of us expected or wanted & we are all still coming to terms with in it our own time & way.

But … as they say, life goes on.  I still need to find work or do something to generate my own job.  After a trial run on eBay selling a few things for Easter I decided I would take a closer look at the NEIS program.  I decided to apply for the program through BRACE because they have a distance education option which suited me better.  And so, with the help of my Finding Workable Solutions  JSA agent I prepared my application & started the Small Business Management course.  And so here we are – almost finished the first month of my 12 month contract with the NEIS program.

Well – this post is much longer than I planned, so long in fact I have decided to split it in half.  So stay turned for part 2 to see how the ‘Tide is Turning’.

What ‘Fresh Starts’ or ‘New Beginnings’ did you have in 2012?  Go on … don’t be shy, I’d love to hear how you year was.  🙂

Until next time & part 2 of ‘From Fresh Starts & New Beginnings to Turning Tides’

And don’t forget the 25% off sale – ends 12th January 🙂

Love Mignon & Georgie 🙂 




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