Assignments 9 & 10 – The Business Plan

WOW! … It’s been more than a month since I last did this … how time flies.

Well, as you may have guessed I have finished the Small Business Management course with BRACE.  Today I received my official letter of acceptance of my business plan.  The official launch day of Nittens & Patches as a Business is 6th December 2012 .           YAY!  😀

The last time I did a post I had 4 more assignments left.

Assignment 9a was about pulling everything together into an overview of everything we had done over the preceding weeks.  This lead into the next assignment – 9b which was the Executive Summery.  This was the part of assignment 9 which we put into our business plans.  The Executive Summery & the financials are the first things someone will read.  Sometimes these will be the only parts they read depending on what conclusions they draw from them.  Other wise they will only skim through the rest, stopping only to read the bits that either interest them or peek their curiosity.

When you consider how many of these things the people from the NEIS program have to read every year they would soon become very familiar with what information needs to be there.  Also because the business plan also forms part of our assessment for the  course, the trainers know what needs to be in there, so if  they have passed the plan then all the info that needs to be there is there.

Assignment 10a was the bibliography.  I have never written one of these before, I was surprised how much time it takes.  Thankfully I had added Internet addresses into my assignments whenever I had used information from different sites so that made things a lot easier.  Assignment 10b was the business plan itself, so it was just a matter of going through it to make sure I had not forgotten anything & then send it off to Greg – my assigned trainer.

Some people I would like to thank! 

It has all gone so quickly.  Everyone involved were so helpful, they all tried to help us as much as possible to get through the course.


KittyThe Australian Government & DEEWR ~ for providing the NEIS program.  Without this initiative none of this would have been possible. Recipients of the NEIS  program are asked to acknowledge the Governments support in our promotions, blog’s etc. with  the following statement … {you will see this statement quite a few times over the next year}

“Supported by the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme, an Australian Government initiative.”

From BRACE  ~ Sarah & Di ~ these are two terrific ladies, they were always ready & willing to help with any questions I had & always with a happy attitude.  It was a real pleasure to talk with these ladies.

We had 2 trainers to help us through the course.  Peter {Hay}~ the maths wiz was great at helping to get all the facts & figures working right.  This was the section I found the most difficult because you have to predict how business will go over the next year or two.

PAYTON - TAN 3Our other trainer was Greg {Keyes}.  Greg was my ‘assigned trainer’, this means Greg was the one I spoke to if I  had any questions & he also marked my assignments & my business plan.  Greg is a bit like the energiser bunny – he seem’s to always be on the go, if you have a quick look at his profile on Linkedin you will see he has many fingers in many pies.  Like Peter, Greg is a bit of a wiz in his field.  He came to my rescue more than once over the course of the 10 weeks I was working with him.  He was always very encouraging & very generousness with his help.  … “Thanks Obi-Wan Kenobi – you you saved my bacon ” 😉

Nittens & Patches business card.
Nittens & Patches business card.

And last but by no means least Lindsay & our son Tim – they worked hard to help me out while I was studying.  Lindsay basically too over kitchen duties, especially at night which was a BIG help; Tim made sure he wasn’t on the Internet Thursday mornings so I could do my lessons with the class & helped fix any glitches & hassles I had with my computer & the Internet.  He also designed the Nittens & Patches logo & business card for me {he has a Mac & Photoshop … I’m so jealous :P} And they both tried to give me space to get my assignments done. 🙂

My initial plan for this series of posts was to end them when the course ended with perhaps one or two updates throughout the year.  However, during the course of my studies I have discovered quite a few  very good websites all focused on helping people like myself grow & develop their online business.  One I am getting a lot out of at the moment is ‘build a little biz’ by Karen Gunton.  Karen describes herself as a teacher  & a student – a brainstormer – unstuckor – a champion of women in biz & a creative designer.  she is a wife & mum who runs a photography business from home in  Happy Valley – Adelaide.  So with the help of Karen & others I will continue my studying into how to run a successful business & as I do I will continue to add to this series.

But for today I think I have said enough.  Over the next few weeks I will be play catch-up & keeping you up to date with all the new things that I will be adding to the Nittens & Patches store over the coming weeks.

G's box of feathers 2a

Bye for now … Love from Mignon & Georgie 🙂  


4 thoughts on “Assignments 9 & 10 – The Business Plan

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  1. Congratulations on getting through your NEIS course and having your business plan approved Mignon! It’s been great to follow your progress over the weeks, and to read about how the service is delivered through BRACE.
    We’d like to link to your blog on our social media sites, and sure hope you could come over there and join the forum too.
    – NEIS Central .

    1. Thanks 🙂 The course has been very interesting & informative. I have discovered so much & have found some really good websites/blog’s along the way to help continue my education with marketing & running/building a small business. It’s also good to know I have started this on a good footing & will have people I can call on over this next year if I get a bit stuck with anything. Looking forward to it 😀

    1. Yes you are right, the Small Business Management course I did with BRACE was full time for 12 week & it was basically planning & writing up our business plan. 🙂


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