Whats New at Nittens & Patches

While I’ve been doing the Small Business Management course it’s been a bit hard to get to the sewing machine which has been a little frustrating.   Christmas will be here before we know it.  Before I started the course it was my intention to be working hard sewing & knitting for Nittens & Patches for Christmas.  I’ve got into a bit of a rhythm with it all now though.  

I recently got a couple of platypus’s finished  & they are now listed on the shop.  There are two, a chocolate one & a tan one.  I have used cute little safety eye which have given them personality.  Because of the safety eyes, they are not suitable for children under three, but these little guys are great for anyone.  I made one the other month for Tim, he’s just turned 26 yesterday, & he loves his.

I have also been working on some new things especially for Christmas which will be listed very very soon, so stay tuned because over the next few weeks, as I am able to finish things they will be listed on the Nittens & Patches shop.

The box’s for Operation Christmas Child are all finished, paid for & on their way.  The last few things to go in were a T-shirt each, a pair of shorts, a tooth brush & some toys.  The little teddy was the first jointed teddy I made.  The little chickens & Aliens I made a while ago.  Just before I closed the box’s up for the last time I had a look around & found a few other bits & pieces to put in there.  I paid for the shipping online, that way I get a tracking code so we can see where these box’s end up.  Apparently we wont get to see exactly were they go but we will see which country they go to.  As I find this out I will share it with you.

Well, it’s been another long day & I think it’s time to finish up.  Tomorrow is the start of our next subject for the course – Finance … maths is not my strong point, thankfully it is Lindsay’s, so I will be calling on him quite a bit this week I think.  I will let you know how I get on & what we learn.

Finally, this photo of Georgie is his first encounter with one of the new baby magpies who come to visit us most days.  It was really funny.  Georgie likes the pretend to hunt the birds who come to visit us, they are all used to him now.  He runs at them, stopping just short of the window.  It startles them a little & they usually jump back, but this time the new baby didn’t realize he was supposed to be startled, so he just stood there looking at Georgie through the window.  Poor Georgie was so confused he kept backing up under until he was the table. 

Until next time …

Love Mignon & Georgie   🙂

PS:  Don’t forget to complete the survey for a 10% discount at Nittens & Patches!



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