It’s 10 minutes to 6pm as I start to VERY quickly type this up before making pizza’s for dinner, but I really wanted top let you know how the 1st week went of my Small Business management course.  We had 2 day this week, normally there will only be 1, Thursday mornings for about 2 to 3 hours.  The rest of the week we are expected to work on our own, doing research for our assignments etc..  The trainers are available to help when we get stuck, but other wise we are on our own, which really is how it will be later.  We have to learn to motivate ourselves, do our own research, plan our days, weeks, years.

The first day was just about introductions, & ironing our technical bugs &Learning how the Virtual Classroom works.  So far we have ‘meet’ 2 of our 3 trainers, plus there are 2 support staff & about 14 students spread out all over South Australia & Victoria.

Day 2 was a bit more on what the course in general will cover, a bit more tech. help for some & getting used to using the program & participating in the class.  This is a big one for me as I am usually the quiet one who doesn’t say much, but actively participating forms part of our final assessment, so I have to be brave & have my say.

This weeks assignment is to write up a WORK PLAN for use to follow  for the next 10 weeks.  It took me about 5 hours solid on the computer, but I have the initial draft done.  We have been invited to Port Pirie this weekend to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of our friends church, so I wont have a chance to do any work on this until Monday – it’s due in Wednesday & I don’t like to leave things until the last minute, so I put the hours in today, will try & give it a look over tomorrow morning before we go.  If I can I will email it to my trainer for review.  That way I will have 3 day next week to fix any problems.

Haven’t got to do much sewing this week, but I did manage to make a couple of little bucket hats for the OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD box’s.  They are reversible, the boys has a plain brown on the other side & the girls is pink.

I’d love to stay & share more with you today, but I have about 100 other things I have to get done between now & tomorrow morning , so I will go now,  until next time … 🙂

Geoergie checking out the new hats for the OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD box’s.

Love Mignon & Georgie  🙂



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