Just a short post to day to say ‘HAPPY FATHERS DAY’ to all the papa’s out there.

It’s always great to celebrate the special people in our lives.

This years Fathers Day will be a bitter sweet one for me.  You see, I usually have 4 cards to make for Fathers Day – 1 for Lindsay  {hubby}, 1 for the father-in-law, 1 for mum’s husband Jack & of course 1 for my own dad.  But this year I only get to make 3 …

I promised the other day to share a little more about my dad, so I thought I would share something today on fatherhood.

My dad was a quite man, the sort that mostly listened to the conversation & only occasionally spoke.  Not that he didn’t have anything to say or wouldn’t sometimes be the centre of the conversation.  When he did speak he always had something interesting or fascinating to say.  Maybe a story about flying – flying was his passion & his career.

With someone who is quiet like my dad, it can sometimes be difficult to know how they feel about something or what they are thinking. Dad remarried after he & mum divorced; he had 3 sons with his second wife.  There is about 12 years between myself & the eldest of my younger brothers & about the youngest was about 4 when I was married, so I really didn’t get to be around them while they were growing up. 

We all moved around a lot & so there were a few time over the years where we lost contact with each other.  It can be easy to wonder at these time were you fit in sometimes.  While I was going through photos looking for pictures of dad through out his life for the funeral one thing stood out to me.  There were several photos of dad with each of his children.  In each & every one of them dad had a similar pose & look on his face.  In each picture he was looking at which ever one of use he was holding & smiling.  It’s not a put-on smile of someone ‘posing’ for a photo but a look of genuine delight, just like this photo of dad & I taken near the river at Mildura.  I realise then that despite where life had taken each of us through out the years, each of his children were precious to him.

(Colin) Ross Joy 14-5-1940 to 15-4-2012
Dad & I at Mildura – VIC 1966

Love Mignon & Georgie. 🙂 

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