Technicoloure Kitty, Wash-cloths & Operation Christmas Child.

Hi,  bet you weren’t expecting to hear from me again so soon ;).  I’m trying a new approach to my posts.  Rather than one big post a week where I try to cover everything, I thought I would see how I go doing several shorter ones.  So here goes!  Let me know what you think.

I found a new pattern from Funky Friends Factory the other day – Kitty!.  She’s a very cute little cat .  I decided to use some great fabric I found at the local sewing store a couple on months ago, bright wavy fluorescent  strips.  Doesn’t she look great!  Unfortunately We had a couple of  mishaps along the way, mainly with the eyes.  If you look closely at the eye that is closest to you, you can see a crack along the bottom of it.  I had all sorts of trouble getting the backing on these particular eyes.  This was the 1st one.  It wasn’t until I turned the head right side out did I realise the eye had fractured. And of course once I had finally got the backing on it wasn’t going anywhere, so I was stuck with the broken eye.  The next one wasn’t any more fun.  I broke the stem of the first one, then when I finally for the backing on it went on crooked.  I was a bit concerned it wouldn’t last & sure enough it didn’t.  Just after I had finished stuffing & stitching up Kitty’s belly the backing came away.  Because I had already decide that Kitty was to become a permanent resident here I decided to just put a little glue on the back of the eye.

I have finally finished the first lot of Wash-Clothes for NITTENS & PATCHES.  I just have to take the studio photos & they will be ready to list later this week.  The green ones are made using a Bamboo & Cotton mixed yarn; the pink & yellow are 100% cotton.  I have never used a hand-knitted wash-cloth before, so before I listed these I thought I should check one out.  They are really nice to use, soft but the knitted pattern gives just enough texture to it to lightly buff the skin without being harsh or abrasive.  They stretch a little then they are wet, particularly side ways, so what starts as a square ends up a triangle, wider than it is long, but it still looks good & it doesn’t seem to affect the cloth.  I have been using mine now for over a week; it has been through the wash & it’s just fine.  I put it into one of those little mesh bags you use for washing delicate things in the washing machine, other than that I just through it in with the other towels & used cold water.  I wouldn’t suggest wringing it though, I think that would pull it out of shape a bit too much.

And finally for today, the OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD box’s.  There are several categories the organisers have for the types of things you can put in these boxes.  The first one I did was ‘personal hygiene’,   for this I added a handmade wash-cloth each & a lovely bar of handmade soap I bought from the local health food store.  The next week I added some things from the ‘for school’ section.  I bought a couple of exercise books, some graphite pencils, an eraser each, some coloured pencils & a small 15cm ruler each.  I just need to get a couple of pencil sharpeners I that section will be done.  I also lined the box’s.  I used some ‘CARS’  Christmas paper for the boys & ‘Tinkerbell” for the girls.  Stay tuned to see what else makes it’s way into these boxes!  Also if you are interested in participating & helping out this great project, click here & check out the OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD  web site for more information on how you can help.

And today’s ‘Georgie’ photo is bought to you today by ‘Tim’!  Tim usually has his iPad upstairs at night while we are watching TV & he has got a few really cute pictures of Georgie.

Sound asleep on pupa’s lap!

Here’s just one of them …

Until next time …

Love Mignon & Georgie 🙂 



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