Fresh Start, New Beginnings!

The common theme for this year seems to be ‘Fresh start, new beginning’.  It’s a term I have heard repeatedly throughout the year, especially earlier in the year, & it certainly  seems to be the way this year is going.  Not all these new beginnings have been welcomed, in fact the first half of this year seemed to be filled with al sorts of unwelcomed newness.

To begin with hubby was told he had to stop work for the foreseeable future due to a heart condition which he has had for over 16 years.  That put him on a Disability support Pension & me on New Start Centre Link payment.  I am VERY grateful to live in a country who’s government offer’s so much support to people in need, but the amount you get paid is not really enough.  It is a struggle everyday to make ends meet.  Having been a stay at home mum most of my adult life & living in a country town makes finding work very difficult.  Add to this having two people at home with chronic health conditions Plus I have tendinitis in both my legs & I have trouble standing for very long because of the way my lower back curves & the long term job prospects become even fewer.

Then we lost someone very precious to us. DAVIE was our very beautiful second hand cat we rescued from the Animal Welfare League on the Gold Coast, he was about 5 years old at the time.  Davie was one of the most beautiful natured cats I have ever had. He was very much a Family cat & loved each of us in his own way.  He lived for a warm bed, cuddles & roast chicken.  Davie didn’t really appreciate being moving form the warmth of the Gold Coast to the cold of the Fleurieu Peninsula, but he loved us anyway because we were his people – & we feed him roast chicken & hugged him LOTS!  He was a bit of a timid cat, but in the end he turned out to be a real fighter.  He was sick for a couple of weeks & several times I went to bed thinking he wouldn’t make it through the night, but he always did, so I kept hand feeding him, taking him to the toilet, bathing him when I didn’t get the timing right & he kept fighting.  But eventually, on the 4th of February  he had to leave us.  It ended a 12 year journey we had all take together.  We miss him very much.

Then there was my dad!  Dad was a very fit, young & supposedly healthy 71 year old.  But within days of loosing Davie, my dad became ill.  Any illness at that age is fairly serious, but dad was such a strong person I think we all thought he would get better, but over the next few weeks he became gradually worse.  Nothing seemed to help him.  We lost my dad on the 15th  April, just one month short of his 72nd birthday. (I’ll share a little more about my dad with you at a later date)

Dad & I at Mildura – NSW. 1966

BUT all is not hopeless!  About six months ago I, in the midst of every thing, I started to look for ways I could generate my own job.  At the moment the Australian Government has a program called NEIS – New Enterprise Intensive Scheme.  It’s designed to help people like myself start our own business so we no longer need the support of Centre Link payments.  I started thinking about what skills & talents I had & how I could turn this all into some sort of job for myself.  I have always been into 1 craft or other such as knitting, sewing card-making etc.. This is how the idea for NITTENS & PATCHES came about.  Preparing my application for the NEIS program is why I have been so busy the last few weeks,  ….AND …. I’VE BEEN ACCEPTED! YAY!  Well  –  for the first part of the program at this stage which is to do a small business studies course with a group called BRACE.  Thankfully BRACE offers this course online, which is a much better option for me.  This starts on the 5th of September & goes for about 10 weeks.  During this time they will also be helping me to prepare a business plan for the 2nd part of the program which is financial assistance for 12 months in the form of a basic wage equal to the New Start Allowance I’m currently on.   So I will continue to be a bit pre-occupied for the next couple of months, but I will continue to do these post & keep you informed on what I’m studying.  I have a couple of new ideas for NITTENS & PATCHES so I will still be doing things there over the next couple of months as well as preparing for Christmas!

And lastly – for today … Georgies  latest trick … walking over the cloths horse on a wet & dreary day.  🙂 It was funny watching his little legs wobbling as he struggled to keep his balance. He managed to walk all the way across to the tread mill & then up onto the top of the display.

Well I need to fill in more forms which have just arrived, so until next time …

Love Mignon & Georgie 🙂



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