Have you ever notice that life is like traffic?  You can coast along for ages, doing you own thing,  then all of a sudden everything seems to happen at once.  The last couple of weeks have been that way for me.  There seemed to be a 100 more things to do in a day than I have time for – BUT – I have finally go to this, so here goes …

NITTENS & PATCHES now has LABELS & new TAGS!  YAY!  These have been on the ‘To Do’ for a while & now – with some help from my son Tim – they are finally done!  All NITTENS & PATCHES softies & gifts will now come with one of the labels hand sew onto it & every purchase comes wrapped in pink tissue paper & tied with a ribbon & ‘Thank You’ tag.

And if you were wondering whose tale was in the last photo, it was DARCY – the pink flying dinosaur!  The newest member of NITTENS & PATCHES.  DARCY is a bit like a bumble bee in that she defies science by being able to fly despite her little wings.  She is sitting on my desk, nervously waiting for her photo shoot for the NITTENS & PATCHES shop pictures.  Which may happen today if the weather stays nice.

Last year I heard of a great charity called ‘OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD’.  I didn’t hear about it though until the very end, while the shoe box’s were being collected.  Thankfully this year I was reminded about it right at the very beginning, so I have 2 months to collect all sorts of things to go in my box’s.  I am doing 1 for a girl & 1 for a boy.  this is a really good program.  People like you & I can put together a collection of things like toys, cloths, exercise books, pencils & personal hygiene products to send to children in 3rd world countries.  Some of the story’s Pam told us were so beautiful.  One was of a little boy who received a tennis ball in his box.  He looked around to see if anyone was watching him, then he gave the ball a quick hug.  He looked around again & then gave it a quick kiss.  he had found his own version of ‘Wilson’ .   Over the next couple of months I will show you what finds it’s way into these box’s.


I have started working on a new line of hand knitted gift-ware for NITTENS & PATCHES using  cotton & Bamboo Yarns.  I will keep you posted on this over the next couple of weeks.



For the last 2 Saturday we had the most vibrant rainbows over the river.  This one had a second rainbow for a few minutes, it wasn’t as bright but still very cool.



Well I think I have covered every thing – hope you have a great week … until next time

Love Mignon & Georgie 🙂  

Self imposed supervisor & quality control officer.





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