Hello again, I hope you have had a great week.

Mine has been busy as usual. I finished off another knitted softie – STEVE.
STEVE & his buddy BENSON both come from a pattern called ‘THE RED NOSE GANG’ from ‘Twin’s Knit’.
STEVE is a reindeer & BENSON is a bunny. Both have been made from a mix of Wool & acrylic yarn & both come with a scarf, hand warmer & funky hat, to keep them warm during these cold winter days.

Also we have ROSEY!
ROSEY is a really cute duck designed by Arlene Cano. The pattern is in the current (July) issue of Soft Dolls & Animals!  She remind’s me of Disney’s Daisy Duck. ROSEY is made from stretch velvet & felt. She has feathers, a paper flower & button decorating her head & a lovely burgundy ribbon around here neck.

STEVE, BENSON & ROSEY will all be added for sale at the NITTENS & PATCHES store this week.

I also manage to make this little guy for my son Tim.
Tim really liked my pink platypus PAYTON, but of course he wasn’t too keen on the colour! So I made him one in brown – for a more natural look & because Tim’s not little any more I used safety eyes which looks very cute. And best of all Tim like him & that’s what counts.

I found this the other day on PINTEREST. It’s just how I feel. The last few years have been a bit hard, especially this year & I really would enjoy a holiday, I have people to share it with to make it fun & as for the last part – well I couldn’t agree more. Mind you, the house we are living in at the moment isn’t bad in fact it’s pretty good. It’s a very comfortable home, the real estate agent is great & the view from the windows in front of my desk is the best. As you can see we have quite a lot of bird life here some times.
While I’m writing this post there are about 5 black birds grazing on the lawn. I’m not sure what they are, there bigger than a chicken, red beaks & legs with very long toes. The feathers on their necks & chest area are a very dark blue, almost black. They are quite funny to watch some days.

Well I think that’s all for now … until next time …
Love Mignon & Georgie  🙂

Waiting for the gecko to come out & play!




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