There are so many things to learn these days, especially on the computer & Internet.  For the last few weeks I have been busy setting up & learning how to use this WORDPRESS & TWITTER.  Now I have

Thankfully Pinterest seem a little easier.

I tend to me a visual person, meaning I tend to ‘read’ pictures more than words.  As a child I like cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny & Mickey Mouse, but my favourite comic books were the Pink Panther comics because they have no words in them, they are designed to be ‘read’ via the pictures – this suited me just fine; although having words in the others comic books never stopped me from ‘reading’ them, I just ignored the words.


For the next month –24th July to 26th August – there will be a SURPRISE BONUS GIFT with every purchase made at

This week’s newcomer to NITTENS & PATCHES is SAGE.

SAGE is part of a gang called ‘The Red Nose Buddies’ from TWINS KNIT (

SAGE is a Hamster. She comes with a scarf, hat & muff to keep her warm.  She is about 17cm seated – without her hat on.

Keep an eye out for her friends who will be arriving soon at NITTENS & PATCHES.

One of my goals with NITTENS & PATCHES is to eventually design my own softies.  After some research on the Internet & a few emails to different people I have discovered that there are no courses or books available to show you who to do this.  Abby Glassenberg –, writes a blog I was directed too.  Abby has already started on a very similar journey, but is about 7 years ahead of me & has done a lot of the hard work in discovering how to design patterns for soft toys without the aid of a computer program. Abby now shares what she has learnt on her blog.  A couple of weeks ago Abby introduced her 1st online tutorial through ‘Craftsy’ at  Its for a ‘Humpty Dumpty’ pattern she has developed.  I think he is the cutest Humpty Dumpty I have seen, so I bought the tutorial.  I’ve printed off the instructions, traced the pattern, selected my fabrics & put him on the ‘TO DO’ list.

This week I have 2 SNEAKY PEEKS for you …

These two charming little guys will be ready for their new homes later this week.

There is just one more charming little cap I would like to introduce you too.  His official name is Gorgeous Goergie, but around here he is known by a few other names like ‘Mistichf’; ‘Curious George’ or ‘Feathers’.

He is almost 3 years old & still very playful & curious about everything.  He LOVES feathers!  For Georgie there is no better game than playing with feathers, apart from perhaps stomping on the odd knitted chicken of alien.

Here he is sitting in a whole box of feathers.  And as                        for ‘Mitchif’ – he has decided that ripping up paper is a good way to get some attention, or tipping over my bin & stealing something out of it to play with. He also loves getting into cupboards just to see what’s in there.  His favourite is the linen cupboard.  I usually end up having to pick up towels or what ever else he has been climbing all on & tip over.

His latest fetish is cotton buds.  I now have to keep all out cotton bud locked away where he can’t get to them otherwise they would be scattered all over the house, chewed up into little bits & I’m sure that can’t be good good for him.  But he’s our ‘gorgeous little boy & we love him to bits!

Well I think that is all for now.  Hope you are have a GREAT week.

Until next time … love Mignon 🙂



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