There are 2 new friends at NITTENS & PATCHES this week; SID the Rhino & SHELBY the Dinosaur.

SID the Rhino comes with a friend TODD who is a mouse.  They are both part of the ‘Savannah Chaps’ gang from ‘Fuzzy Mittens’ (

They have been knitted from a variegated wool/protein yarn, which has gradual colour changes rather than strips.

SID’S other 2 friends CLAUDE the Elephant & MARVIN the zebra are already available at  There are pictures of CLAUDE & MARVIN in my previous posts.

Another newcomer to NITTENS & PATCHES this week is SHELBY.

SHELBY is a Dinosaur.  He is part of the ‘Dippy Dinosaur’ gang from ‘Funky Friends Factory’

He is made of purple fleece so he is soft & fuzzy & great to cuddle.

More pictures of both SID & SHELBY are available at the NITTENS & PATCHES shop.

I live with my family on an Island called Hindmarsh Island.  It sits in the mouth of the Murray River in South Australia (  It is 1 of the major rivers in Australia & forms the boarder between New South Wales & Victoria.  There is a lock stopping the seawater washing back up the river; this was put in place during the last draught.  There are seals that live near the mouth of the river, but because of the lock you don’t normally see them on the riverside.   But this week we have had a seal fishing for his lunch right out the front of our house most days.  Yesterday (s)he came right up to our boat & I was luck enough to get a couple of photo’s of him/her before swimming off to the other side.

This week I signed up Twitter account.  I am very new to Twitter, so I’m still trying to work out how it all works.  There is a link to the right if you would like to follow NITTENS & PATCHES on Twitter.

There is also now an Email link if you would like new NITTENS & PATCHES blogs sent to your email.

And finally … a sneak peek at whose coming to play at NITTENS & PATCHES next week.

Have a great week … Love Mignon 🙂



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