Today I thought I’d talk a little about the patterns I use for NITTENS & PATCHES.

At the moment there are 3 main designers I have been using –



Funky Friends Factory’ is owned & operated by Pauline McArther in Brisbane.  So it’s an all Ozzy business, which is great.  One of my goals with NITTENS & PATCHES is to use as many Australian owned & made products as possible in my softies. So using patterns from an all Ozzy business like ‘Funky Friends Factory’ is a great place to start. Plus I LOVE her patterns; they are original & fun & most of them can be made in either fleece or non-stretch fabrics.

‘FRANCIS BEAR’ (aka Honey Bear) is one of the many ‘Funky Friends Factory’ softies who will find their way onto the shop over the next few months.

Barbara Prime (Fuzzy Mittens) & Andrzej Ciesla (Twins Knits) are another 2 very talented designers.

Barbara is from MontrealQuebecCanada. On her Blog she describes herself as … “an artist and knitter. Oh sure, I do other things like read Terry Pratchett, bake yummy ginger cookies, grow lovely flowers, and occasionally watch trashy TV. Happy… and kinda goofy J”

Barbara’s knitted softies are designed to be a little more life like but are very cute & lovable.

‘THE MOUSE FAMILY’ currently listed in my shop is 1 of the ‘Fuzzy Mittens’ patterns I am using.

Andrzej is a bit of a misty.  I tried googlying the name, but all I managed to find out was that Andrzej means ‘Andrew’ & Ciesla is Polish.  So I’m thinking the talented designer of the ‘Twins Knit’ softies is a Polish guy called Andrew … ? But whoever he/she is, the patterns are some of the cutest knitted patterns I have found & I am really happy I am able to share them with you.

‘SARAH’ is a ‘Twins Knit’ pattern currently for sale at the NITTENS & PATCHES store.

One of the most important things with all these people is that apart from all being very clever, they are also very generous in giving people like myself permission to sell the softies I make from their patters – so long as they aren’t mass produced; I make them myself & I acknowledge them as the designers & provide a link back their site.


There is just one week left of the opening sale so don’t be shy or you will miss out on some great specials.

See you next week … Love Mignon 🙂



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